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We want to answer any questions you have as quickly as possible and the quickest way is if the information is already on our web site! We post the answers to all questions we receive and put up information pages and reply to comments added by visitors.

The links below with take you to pages where you may find the answer and a search will bring up all pages and posts containing your search term.

If this does not give you an answer, please contact us using the forms provided and we will reply by email.

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2. Product search

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If you want something that is not currently in our range, please let us know by adding a comment to our page of items we are investigating and we will give feedback by replying to the comment and updating it if we can find the product –
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If you have a question or want to add your views to any item on our information pages, just add a comment and we will pick it up from there.   If we reply to a comment, it means other people can see the answer as well.     People who have subscribed to our comments feed (including us) will be advised of your comment straight away and it may be the quickest way to get an answer.

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If you need to contact us direct to get an answer to your question, please click one of the links below to get the appropriate form and that will speed up our reply:

Customer service form – For anything to do with an existing order – payment, delivery, changes or other queries about your order.   There are also phone, fax and postal details on that page.

Web site content – Any questions, feedback, suggestions or additional information on any of the items on our web site (or just add a comment on the page and we will respond to that).

Commercial contacts – If you are trying to sell us something!

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202 comments on “Questions & help
  1. Ari says:

    Do you have an affiliate program?

  2. Human says:

    When I search for back to school senior 11+, I see full description but no picture. Is it just me or it’s not available?

  3. Ruth Boruvka says:

    My daughter is left-handed and has just started school. The teachers says she holds the grip on her pencil too tight and therefore gets pains in her arm and hand and therefore the muscle needs to be strengthened. Do you know what exercises I could do in order to strengthen the muscles? Thanks so much

  4. Flora says:

    Hey, I’ve been looking for a lefthanded sketchbook for some time and have not yet found one. This is a problem as the spirals make my wrist move at an awkward angle. Any chance you could start selling them?? 🙂

  5. Mark Cohen says:

    looking for a left handed camera must have shutter button on the left side

  6. Malcolm Brown says:

    do you still sell left handed pinking shears?
    best Regards
    Malcolm Brown

    • Keith says:

      Sorry, but no. The manufacturer we used for many years has discontinued them and is no longer willing to make a left-handed version and we have not yet found anyone else who will make them for us. If anyone knows a supplier of left-handed pinking shears please let us know!

      • margaret says:

        hey keith, if you are still looking for left handed pinking shears mundial has them, very nice quality too, tho’ expensive….. margaret from LEFTY’S SAN FRANCISCO

    • Keith says:

      Sorry, these are no longer produced by the manufacturer and we cannot find a replacement

  7. Judy Freeman says:

    To Whom it May Concern:

    Years ago I saw a cup for left-handed people advertized in a magazine for left-handers. The cup had a hole at the top edge on one side, so that if a person used it who was right-handed, the liquid inside would pour out through the hole and on to the person. Can you help me find it?

    Thank you.
    Judy Freeman

  8. Amjad says:

    Many years ago I was the fortunate owner of an Osmiriod Copperplate Fountain Pen. Unfortunately though I have since lost it. Is there any way you can offer this pen for sale? I know they have ceased production but I would really appreciate it if you find one for me or recommend an alternative.


  9. Diana Tanner says:

    Please could anyone advise where I can purchase left handed scissors with a pattern ie, wavy lines etc-there seem to be plenty of straight cut left hand scissors but I have been unable to find any which cut a pattern.
    Please help.

  10. man says:

    how can i get my little girl to write in a straight line as she starts off on the line the line then goes off on an angle

    • Human says:

      I recommend you put a ruler under the writing line. But don’t force her to do it at school or she may feel uneasy.

  11. Washtub Jerry says:

    This is a question about books for lefties. What percent of books for lefties have the binding (spine) on the right?

  12. Terefe Tafesse says:

    Hi guys!

    It is possible to know the estimated number of left handed people in the world?

  13. V Gardner says:

    Looking for a dip-it style calligraphy pen with left-handed nibs. Do you carry such an animal? Does such a thing exist?

    I see only fountain pens with ink cartridges that are left-handed.

    Please help ASAP for Christmas gift.


  14. George says:

    Wanted to place an order but you do not accept Discover Card. Why?

  15. tammy desmond says:

    I have always heard that people use one side of their brains to control speech. However left handers use both sides. Thus if a southpaw had a stroke that hit one side we would still be able to speak. Also southpaws get stigmatisms in the eyes due to the shock of being forced to switch hands. Any of this true?

  16. tammy desmond says:

    I make greeting cards. I would love cards that open to the left for southpaws. One can’t turn it around bec the paper is different on the back of the card. Any idea if carry this type of product?just the paper.

  17. Jessie says:

    Hello, I was wondering if you would be able to order in any left-handed pinking shears, I have been after them for I don’t know how long and nobody seems make them. Are they even in production?

    Many thanks.

  18. Wei-Tsung says:

    How can I track my order?

  19. william says:

    is there any dvds or books of finger exercise for lefthanders for guitar players.

  20. Cathy Price says:

    Why are the stems on your watches on the same side as righty ones. I don’t care which directions the numbers go, as I can read a watch/clock in any direction, but I wear my watch on my right wrist (to keep it out of the way) and the stems on your watches would still be facing away from my wrist, just as the right-handed version I currently wear.

  21. Carol says:

    Hi on your left handed watch the number 10 is written the left handed way as in 01, however on the wall clock it is written the righthanded way? Is there any reasoning behind this? Do you do clocks completely lefthanded? x x

  22. Bryan says:

    I want to know if it’s true that lefties don’t live as long as righties. And also, I think there would be more lefties if we weren’t treated so badly in the past.

    • Human says:

      The vitality one is wrong

    • Ruth de la Nougerede says:

      i think it’s just that we die more from general accidents as we live in a right hander world, not our fault! and nothing to do with our physical make up! so statistically there are less old leftys than ‘right’ies! i think

  23. Lisa says:

    I looking for a watch for a teenage girl. I would like one where the STEM is on the lefthand side. I do not see this in your catalog. Any suggestions?

    Lisa Corrigan

  24. Julie says:

    Dear Sir

    I run a Saturday School and would like to order some your left handed write boards. i notice that you reduce the second one to half price. How much would they cost each if I ordered 10 to start with.

    Thank You


  25. Laura Painter says:

    I recently ordered a Pelikano Junior cartridge pen and some 38mm Universal cartridges. Inside the pen there was a cartridge supplied that was 71mm long. Please can you advise whether we can use the 38mm cartridges or have we been wrongly advised?

  26. Gail says:

    Is there a microwave oven that opens left to right?

    • Bill says:

      I’ve looked all over the place and have never found one. The best bet is one where the door opens up, they are usually commercial style types.

  27. Colin Massey says:

    Is there an Anything Lefthanded Partner here in India ? If not, can one become a Partner and how does one go about it ??

  28. Tina says:


    I’ve ordered a bunch of pens, pencils, the guide placemat and the handwriting books. Everything looks great.

    I’d like to know the font that is used for the handwriting books. I want to print out extra writing practice sheet but am not sure which font style to use.

    Thank you,

  29. charlotte says:

    I’m wanting to play the violin however i wasnt sure if i could play a right handed one on my left side because of the strings been back to front.
    Also i would like to know were i could purchase a cheap beginners second hand left handed violin from?

  30. Paul Huck says:

    You had a backerds runnin watch. Site says out of stock, due end of July. Still says that, 1/2 way through August. Got any in yet? I jus waitin fer you to getsum in. Kaint wait to get mine!

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