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Eating with the left hand – embarrassing?

Eating with your left hand can cause embarrassmentClub Member Susantha tells us that in Sri Lanka, as in most South East Asian countries, most people use their fingers at meal times. It is considered rude to eat with your left hand and this could lead to embarrassing situations. The least of such situations will be when at a formal meal you are seated next to a person using his right hand your left elbow keeps getting in the way of your neighbours right elbow. “I am a confirmed left hander but have always used my right hand at meal times. Both my sons are also left handed and they use their left hand at meal times”.

Bob from Honolulu reported on the same subject, but a bit more forthrightly…If you are ever invited to a Middle Eastern sit-down dinner.. truly sit-down.. on the floor.. and find no utensils.. make absolutely certain that you use your right-hand to dig in to the platters.. as in Arab culture.. the left-hand has one important function.. to wipe one's rear!

If you have any views or more information on this or any other situations where using your left hand can be embarrassing please add a comment below.

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44 comments on “Eating with the left hand – embarrassing?
  1. vaanya says:

    i’m from india and though ppl here use there right hand during meals it really doesnt bother me when i am using my left hand to do the same….my parents did initially try to teach me to use my right hand to eat but i jus switched back to the left. it does bother ppl when they see me eating rice and bread with my left hand when there’s no cutlery available and they do prompt and make a face when i do so but every time that happens i jus tell them to try eating with there non-dominant hand and see how it goes for them….and it surely pisses them off really quick!
    i’m really proud to eat with my left hand and i like to see how it bothers ppl soo much. i guess being a rebel is just the leftie way of life! 🙂

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