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David Cameron Left Handed

British Prime Minister David Cameron is left handed.   As these photos show he writes, plays tennis and drinks left-handed.   He is the first left-handed prime minister for some time.

David Cameron writing left handed David Cameron playing tennis left handed David Cameron drinking left handed

If you know of any other left handed world leaders, use this form to send us details and images and we will add them to our gallery.

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52 comments on “David Cameron Left Handed
  1. June Nelson says:

    Our Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abbott is left-handed. He is leader of the Liberal Coalition. I have always followed his party and I can relate to his way of thinking. I am also a Leftie, but as I said I would follow his Conservative party anyway.

  2. Gary says:

    During my school days, I either wrote with the ‘hooked’ left hand or I tried to write normally and got ink on my little finger. The hooked method allows you to see more of what you are writing. My poor handwriting became a barrier, as many teachers seemed to be obssessed with neatness more than content. It was only sometime after I left school that I saw a feature on a left handed politician writing with a fountain pen using the ‘wrist down’ style which allows neat handwriting and actually works better for fountain pens than it does for ball point pens due to the writing angle. Some people have commented that I have my handwriting is ‘quite neat for a bloke’.

  3. paulo says:

    Hi to everyone, for sure i belive that left handed people are special, but i wish to know the ratio of left handed people and the development.(specify the area or city)

  4. Jura says:

    I also feel sad when i see lefties writing with a hooked hand and worse still walking crookedly tilted to the left. For me it real normal am am totally proud of my left hand cos i have an exceptionally cute handwriting.

  5. alice barker says:

    I really dont understand why so many lefties write with a hooked hand. i hold my pen “normally” and have good hand writing. It must be the way we were taught, althought I went to a state school, and did not have the private education David Cameron had.
    I wish him all the best as PM. Hope he will champion the cause of the leftie particularly in schools to see they have all the equipment they need, I remember struggling with right handed scissors and kitchen equipment.

    • Stephanie Hayes says:

      I agree with all you say, Alice.
      They tried to make me use my right hand at primary school in the early ’50’s but luckily my father had the caring wisdom to get our equally wise G.P. to send a letter suggesting , in no uncertain terms, to leave well alone. What a shame the Lefthanders Club wasn’t around then for support!
      I’ve never turned my page around to write. As you say, we write “normally” whatever that is!
      I also have no problem with spelling or grammar; only inasmuch as I hate bad spelling and grammar!

    • sande says:

      I agree. I don’t understand the “curved hand”. I am the only lefty in my family and i guess i just always held the pen the same way everyone else did. “Curved hand” looks mess if you have a marker.

    • Liz says:

      In my experience, curved hand is a result of being forced, when writing with an ink pen, to ‘keep the writing paper straight’. The curved hand was one way of preventing smudging.

    • Dougie says:

      It comes from the days of fountain pens and right handed teachers trying to teach their left handed pupils how to write without smudging their work. That was before the very quick drying inks. It’s much easier with a ball pen or felt-tip to avoid the smudging.

      Ideally for us lefties we should be starting at the right hand side of the page and working towards the left – no smudge that way. We’d produce mirror writing like Leonardo daVinci.

      My auntie was also left handed, my mum sent me to learn to write with her, she taught me how to turn the page and write without a hooked hand. I’ve always had scruffy writing that on occasions is 100% unreadable but I don’t hook.

  6. Samuel K. Tuffour says:

    I am glad about that,no wonder my natural inclination towards his success.

  7. UZZAWAL says:

    Iwant to be a lefthanded mt everest climber please support me.

  8. Green :) says:

    Um.. but he’s a Tory? D:

  9. another Margaret says:

    It makes me mad when i see a lefty writing with a hooked hand as does President Obama. He was obviously not taught to hold a pen properly. I write normally and have been complimented on my attractive handwriting. I am also artistic and was a member of Mensa. Enough showing off! I can honestly say that I have never felt being left-handed has ever disadvantaged me (except when right-handed scissors cut into my thumb.)

    • Bill says:

      Yes, to let you know. I was taught penmanship by a Nun. We use Shaffer fountain pens.
      I write with a hook to keep from smearing the wet ink with my hand, moving left to right over the paper. It wasn’t because of any lazyiness on my teacher’s part. It’s a adaptatin or accomodation. I too am an artist as are many left-handers. The right-side of the brain process spatial, visual relationships.

  10. Talulah16 says:

    It all depends on your definition of ‘special’, Jules… I hope you are right, but if past track records are anything to go by (at least in British politics), I doubt it very much.

  11. Peter says:

    Amazing when you look at the number of left handed American presidents in recent history
    Gerald Ford, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama,

  12. Chris Phillips says:

    Cameron rules OK … learn from history ….

    When Labour won the first time, they were left a legacy of large surplus carefully won through the Thatcher years (they having been left with a large deficit by the previous Labour government).

    The next government was announced by Tony Blair as his government (when it is of course Her Majesty’s Government). He and Gordon Brown as Chancellor, then proceeded to squander that surplus, sold our gold reserves and many other assets, and managed to leave government with the largest deficit we have had at any time, and owing an enormous amount from their borrowing.

    Leftie Cameron has met this full on, and and through the coalition government is leading us back into the blue, with promised hardship. His left-handedness gives me confidence.

  13. Nina says:

    As a retired teacher I am so pleased to see Mr C doesn’t write with a hooked hand – so many left handers do because their ‘right handed’ teachers didn’t have the time, ability or patience to show them how to hold a pen properly and slant the paper accordingly – speaking as a left hander myself I think all of us should pat ourselves on the back for the the amount of extra effort we have to put in to our daily lives just to undertake simple tasks that are so biased toards the right handed world.

    • Bill says:

      Yes, to let you know. I was taught penmanship by a Nun. We use Shaffer fountain pens.
      I write with a hook to keep from smearing the wet ink with my hand, moving left to right over the paper. It wasn’t because of any lazyiness on my teacher’s part. It’s a adaptatin or accomodation.

      • Nancy Shepherd says:

        I hadn’t noticed that David Cameron is left-handed! I write the way Barak Ombama does. Why? Well, I learned “joined-up writing” when I was 7, in 1955-56. We had to use the old pen and nib, dipped in a pot of Quink ink and it is simply impossible to do this by pushing, left to right; hence, I also adapted and accommodated to pull the pen, by turning my hand round. I no longer use this type of pen, but the habit has stuck. I received no special help from the teacher, but nor was I punished in any way. I think I was more or less just left (haha) to get on with it.

        • Nadine says:

          I was also taught (by my Grandmother) to use a fountain pen aged 5 prior to starting school as she thought I might have been disadvantaged if I learned at school. I do not hook my hand round. My only problem has been right handed equipment over the years but, luckily, that has now changed.

  14. Danny says:

    Well! what does it matter if any one is left handed or not. it’s the intellect that maketh the man. I’m lrft handed my brother is LH and so are many in my family. we all are excellent musicians and there’s even those who study towards their degrees. it’s all in the mind.

    • rich martinez says:

      danny fully agree,in my familly though just me and my grandma on my mothers side is lefthanded.i just recently started to learn to play the gutair(bought it at southpaw gutairs of texas) ive always played the drums. was told extreamly good at them but never wanted to play them pro,always wanted to play the gutair so i finally decided it was time always was told i was a natural musican by my music teachers. am 49 but never to late to pursue a dream. rich m

  15. Margaret says:

    My self, husband and 3 children are all lefties, We are all good intelegent people, what does it matter what job you do if you believe in yourself

  16. Maree W says:

    Left handed? Pity he’s so right wing!

  17. Stephanie Hayes says:

    Whatever Mr C is / does, we have Winston of whom to be proud!

  18. brooke fields says:


  19. Denise says:

    OH DEAR! will this bring all lefties into disrepute?
    I’m in the excption that proves the rule camp! The man’s an idiot!

  20. Mrs CEO says:

    I too believe that we lefties have special talents – but there is always an exception to prove the rule 🙂

  21. Chris Stokes says:

    Every barrel and all that!

  22. PH says:

    So was Adolf Hitler

  23. HANNAH says:

    Sorry, can’t be associated with such a slimy geezer!

  24. Daz Steeley says:

    Not to be taken too seriously,but if a politician uses his dominant right hand in gestures for telling the truth and left hand for fibbing – its gonna baffle his followers when Cameron uses his dominant hand – especially if nobody knows.

  25. Robert says:

    Equal rights and all that! Lol.

    I like Mr C and was very interested to read this. World Domination by Leftys!

  26. Martha Hopkins says:

    I am still pleased every time I see someone in the news who is left handed, I do believe we have special talents to share.

  27. Jules says:

    I truly believe left handed people are special. Everyone knows politics is ‘a strife of interests masquerading as a contest of principles’. I hope these LH politicians are the exceptions to the rule.

  28. Mohamed Tawfic says:

    Well, this is a good sign that British economy would improve

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