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Comment on our newsletters from Latisha

Thank you for your dedication to helping inform people all over the world about the challenges and advantages that left handed people have. Your tips and news have helped me understand my son much better. In October he will be 14 and is the only one around that is left handed. My father was left handed and a great artist, and so is my teen son. Once i knew that there were different ways to teach lefty's (that is what my son calls himself) how to write, i found a teacher that had been to a learning seminar over that summer and she was able to reteach my son how to write better. I can actually read his handwriting now! He played ball but his coach knew what to do to help him out there, so that was fine. Being in the united states and having so many people without answers, i was so thankful when i came across your web site. Thank you again for your time, patience, and dedication to helping parents, kids, and anyone else willing to visit your site, the opportunity to grow from your knowledge and advice.

Thank you, Latisha

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10 comments on “Comment on our newsletters from Latisha
  1. Net says:

    i am so glad that my parents( who were right-handed) did not try to make my sister, my younger brother, and me right-handed. i find that some right-handed people have no idea what it like to be left-handed. when i was in the kindergarten the teacher would tap my with ruler. she was trying to force me to write right-handed. i could not do it. told my mother about it. my mother had a stern talk with that teacher. the teacher didn’t bother me again. i’m sure you lefties know what i’m talking about. right is right left is wrong? dance with two left feet. do right-handed people think that it is easy to dance with right feet? my right hand man? no, my left hand man, yeah right? lol. i could go on and on about it. all the lefties out there we know that we are the minority, but we are special. right-hand man would say” i would give right arm…. i would give my right arm too. i ‘m a lefty. lol

  2. Mukund says:


    I am a mother of a left hander kid, he is 5years now. I really feel that left handers are really stylish. they show the perfection,
    analyse things,
    they have good memory in routes.

  3. rainbow holmes says:

    out of 10% of the worlds population, i am proud to say that i am a lefty <3 the only lefty out of my immediate family. me being the second oldest, i have 1 older brother, 2 younger sisters, and 1 younger brother. all right-handed. even both my parents are right-handed. growing up was VERY VERY difficult in the household. i did everything "wrong and backwards." but they never discouraged my left-handedness. i cant do ANYTHING with my right hand. not even eat. my family says im "right-hand retarded." 🙂 but im proud to say that i LOVE being a lefty. and im ecstatic that there is a Club for us lefties. furthermore, there is this website to show my family just how complicated it is to be a lefty even as an adult. my mom says, "I had no idea how different things could really be for you Rain." but i do have a very creative side and i love to draw and design things. thank you so much for the awareness to all the right handed people that need answers or just want to see all the things lefties have to go through 🙂

  4. Bill says:

    There is one item that is right handed and I’ve never found a left handed version. The item is a photo trimmer or paper cutter. I have looked in many shops and they are all right handed, it is awkward to use it left handed.
    The cutting knife should be on the left of the board and not the right.
    So has anyone ever seen a left handed paper cutter?

  5. Kimi says:

    Hello, my name’s Kimi,(short for Kimberli). How I came across this awesome site,you may be wondering? I was bored one day and was curious if there was such a website about Leftys. So I
    went onto I was soooo surprised with the results! was the
    first site I checked out. Turns out that this is the best one by far among ALL others!

    It just so happens I’m not the only Lefty in my family; I have 2 uncles, and two brothers whom
    are also left-handed. I was adopted to a family of 1 sister and six brothers. (TOO many brothers, if you ask me!) None of us are related to one another. Each of us came from seperate biological parents.

    Sitting down at dinner can be quite a hassle. “Ow, Kimi, your elbow is hitting me! -“Well excuse me, I say back with a tiny dose of sarcasm. Or sometimes,”Hey David, stop swiping my glass!”-No, you sit at the left, no the other left!!” And so on and so forth….

    David, my younger lefty brother, can bat a ball clear out of the park! (Let’s hope he doesn’t hit down a jet in the sky!) Just kiddin’. Oh yeah, be careful whenever he throws a football- you might get K.O.ed.)

    I used to train in Martial Arts. My instructor was very excited when I started. He told me out of the many students he had, only ONE other was left handed like me. He said I’d make a great sparring partner. That made me feel kinda’ special inside. However, I never really got the chance to learn how to spar because the rest of my brothers were in boyscouts and football. And my sister lived far away.

    I got to Green Belt and decided to move on to other things in my life. Fortunately, I am going to start again soon. Then, I will finally find out what it is like to spar with Righties!

    My older lefty brother, Jere, is very gifted in arts and crafts, (basing this opinion on how we
    as “South-Paws” are naturally extraordinary at excelling in the creative process in an area of the
    brain.) -according to Sigmund Freud, a well known researcher in the study of pshycology and other sciences.

    I read this information in a book called,”Left Hand Turn around the World, everything
    about South-Pawed.” I came across this book at Barnes and Noble at the Inland Empire Center in Redlands,CA.

    You should check it out, it has lots of interesting and out-of-this-world facts! The author of this book is also left handed and talks a little about his own life growing up left handed and how he adapted to the world of right handers. He enjoys traveling the world, seeking out the quality and benefits of anything…-and everything, south pawed.

    -Kimi 😉 6/15/2011

  6. jane childers says:

    where in the world do you live?

  7. Cindy says:

    My Great Grandma, Anna Deighton, was left-handed. My maternal 1st cousin, Karon O Connell, is left-handed. My Older brother, Charles George Shaaouni, is a left- handed. I am left handed, except a little right handed. I can bat right handed, and I do things with my right hand..

    I think that it is nice to have the ability to see Art and Music, to have better Language Arts, and to know emotions that are happy and sad. It is beautiful to have a mind right brain sided, with some left brain sided.

  8. Suzanne says:

    I am sorry Karen Lynn has had all these problems. Unfortunately there are still poeple with the mind set that being different is a negative thing. That is hard to change.

    I am left handed and was in the first year (1965) that the school did not force lefties to use their right hand. Instead I was marked down for S, E and B being written backwards, even though it was obvious what the words were. my 2’s and 5’s were a bit universal as well. I don’t remember having any difficulty or predjudice later on in school.

    Now, thought its not so much a novelty for people I still get comments like “oh, your left handed” in a tone of voice that you would use when you discovered that a 44 year old has her belly button pierced. Or being given a pen in my right hand when I need to sign anything. That does annoy me so I fish out my left handed pen to use.

    I watched the video on scissors and its so true. before LH sissors we had to use RH sicssors, and had to adapt to using them. Now we have LH sissors we have to adapt to them as well. being a leftie is about adapting, not fitting in but adapting. I am a dress and curtain maker and have given up with sissors altogether as some fabrics are so thick it hurts my hand. Many fabrics blunt scissors quickly as well (linen and cotton, wool). I now use a very sharp craft knife and board.

    I often do christening gowns with family names embroidered on the under dress. I print the names off the computer in an artistic font. I stick this upside down on the window with the tracing paper on top and trace over this. It is infinately easier to draw the curves of the letter this way than the normal way. I then place the tracing paper on the dress where I want the text and sew over this. When finished I rip the paper off.

  9. Yvonne says:

    I can’t believe that there is still so much superstition around. Is this really the 21st Century and are we not supposed to be more educated, wordly-wise and altogether tolerant of those who do not necessarily conform to our ideals?

  10. karen lynne zelonko says:

    oh my gosh. i never knew that there is a left handed site to join. i am so pumped up about this site/ i am 52 years old ,female and daughter of a left handed father how was made to be right handed. i have a son which happens to be my first born how is also left handed. i am so grateful for this site. when i first saw it and all the info on it it made me cry. just like everyone that is left handed i have suffered the prejuided of others.when my husband of 34years family first meet me they were not happy. my husbands grandmother refused to have anything to do with me.i was not allowed to go to any family functions that she went to. she said that i was the devil brought back to earth. even my mother-in-law thought that. now i know why when they saw that lefties die sooner than righties. its cause of the stress in trying to defend ourselves. my son when he first went to school would not pick up a pencil or do anything that required him to use his hands. he was the only one in his class that was lefthanded. when i was in first grade my teacher tied my hand behind my back like so many others. thank god for my parents how spoke to this teacher. many times i had the yard stick rapped on my knuckles. many years later as i work in a nursing home this teacher was one of my residents. i always tried to be positive when dealing with her but i never forgot what she had done to me. years later her daughter was also a resident of mine and was told that she had granddaughters that were lefthaned and would not accept them as left handed. i can deal with the general public not accepting left handed people but when your family feels this way it sure hurts. many times i have prayed that i or my son wasn.t left handed. i use to think that since we live in a small farming community maybe people never had to deal with left handed people much.but now know that this is is difficult enough with all the ups and downs but being left handed adds to it/ i am not sure nor will i ever be able to understand it. why do people think that we are different. i am so sick and tired of people saying oh you are a left handed, and why? if i could i would go back to the womb and change it.sorry for the long winded letter but i am so stressed out from being left handed. hopefully this site will help me to be able to deal with being left handed. after all god made us all equalls. its just man that can.t accept it

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