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Using Coupon Codes to get a discount

A Coupon Code is a series of letters and numbers, for example ABC2,   that you can enter into the box in our Shopping Cart to get a discount on your order.   Members of the Left-Handers Club receive coupon codes for discounts on a regular basis in our monthly

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Backwards fonts and backwards typing

We recently received an email asking if we could produce a “backwards” font in English to allow people to type from right to left for a bit of fun and because it seems like a thing that left-handers can do.  We are not technical experts but we did look into

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Rust spots on stainless steel in dishwasher

The manufacturers of our left-handed kitchen knives claim they are dishwasher safe and that the handles and blades will not be harmed by putting them in a dishwasher.   We test this ourselves and regularly dishwash the knives we use use in our own kitchen and have not had any

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Apple iPhone 4 left-handed problem

You will see the results so far once you click the vote button to add your answer iPhone 4 signal problems for lefthanders The recent launch of the iPhone 4 promoted huge excitement because of all the technological advances in the new mobile handset. However one glaring problem soon became

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Newsletter emails

From Tony: Message: In this age of mistrust I am concerned that I am receiving newsletter emails purporting to be sent on behalf of but which are from . Whilst this name appears on a search through the site, the format of the messages since 6 August have

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Comments and suggestions for our site

What do you think of our new web site? Please go to the video demo page and add your comments and ideas for improvements or additional features or content you would like us to add. Click here to go to the video demo page to add your comments

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Shop and products sitemap Information pages

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