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New format for our newsletter

More than 50% of the Club Members who receive our newsletter now view it using a mobile device – their smartphone or tablet.   Our previous format was designed to be viewed on a desktop computer and was very difficult to see on a phone screen so we have completely

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New format for Left Handers Club newsletters

We are experimenting with a new layout at the moment so that hopefully your newsletter will be delivered on more email services without being filtered and also will show properly on all types of devices including mobile phones. It may take us a couple of months to get everything working

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Language translation – newsletters

We often get emails asking if we can send our newsletter out in other languages. Unfortunately we do not have the resources to do a full translation to all the languages for the countries all round the world where we have members but we have set up a translation facility

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Can I print your left-handed articles?

We recently had an enquiry asking about this… “Is it possible to print out a page? I would like very much to print a page to share with some good friends with left-handed children.  One of the parents is determined to force the children to write with their right hands,

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Using Coupon Codes to get a discount

A Coupon Code is a series of letters and numbers, for example ABC2,   that you can enter into the box in our Shopping Cart to get a discount on your order.   Members of the Left Handers Club receive coupon codes for discounts on a regular basis in our

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Viewing full product information and images

How to see product pages, zoom images and additional product pictures

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Currency conversion video

We display our prices by default in UK Pounds Sterling but it is very easy to have our site display everything in your own currency as well.

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Newsletter emails

From Tony: Message: In this age of mistrust I am concerned that I am receiving newsletter emails purporting to be sent on behalf of but which are from . Whilst this name appears on a search through the site, the format of the messages since 6 August have

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Adding your own comments to our articles

You can add your own comments to any of our articles or blog posts and we have made it much simpler by removing the need to register and log in. Just display the item you want and there will be a comment box at the bottom of it – enter

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Q – Do you have a twitter account?

Tried to find you at twitter. A – Yes, our Twitter name is LeftHandersClub Follow us on Twitter

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