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Organise or Organize?

We put a lot of effort into making our content perfect and we always appreciate it when members pick up on any odd errors we make and let us know.   However, there are differences in spelling of some English words in various countries and Americans do tend to use

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Changing the contents of your shopping cart

How to change quantities or remove items from your shopping cart

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Infants & Left-handedness

Question from   Left Handers Club member Celina: First I want to start by saying thank-you for this newsletter dedicated to our unique attribute of left-handedness. I find it very informative and enjoyable. I was wondering if you have any information and/or research on infants and hand preference. How early

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What is the chance of having a left-handed child?

Answer: Although no definite gene has been determined to cause lefthandedness it does seem to run quite strongly in families.   It is not predictable based on the handedness of parents and grandparents in the same way as eye colour but the handedness of the parents does seem to be

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What is the proportion of left-handers?

Answer: There has never been a wide scale survey of the number of lefthanders and as far as we are aware it has never been included in any national census or statistics data.   The figure from a wide range of small samples done for various research purposes is generally

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General questions

This is where we post the questions we receive from customers and site visitors about general left-handed issues and also our answers.   If you would like to ask a question you can add it as a comment to this post and we will pick it up and either post

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