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How to get your 2 For 1 discounts

This short video shows you how to make sure you get your 2 for 1 discounts and how to use the coupon code to also get your cutting guide free – these are for Member offers in the October 2010 issue of the Left Handers Club Newsletter. If you are

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Posted in October 2010

Apple iPhone 4 left-handed problem

[poll id=”5″] You will see the results so far once you click the vote button to add your answer iPhone 4 signal problems for lefthanders The recent launch of the iPhone 4 promoted huge excitement because of all the technological advances in the new mobile handset. However one glaring problem

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Posted in October 2010, Technical

The effect of changing left to right handed

For many years, left-handed children were forced by their parents or schools to change hands and at least write right-handed. We have also heard many stories about other activities that have been forcibly changed – from eating to making the sign of the cross in Catholic schools. We received a

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Posted in Lefty info, October 2010
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