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New to left-handed scissors? Scissors not cutting?

This post applies to all types of left-handed scissors! We occasionally have left handed dressmaking scissors returned by customers who say “they do not work” but the problem is usually not with the scissors themselves but is being caused by the way they are used. If you have always used

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Left handed desk diary 2011

The left handed desk diary is tailor-made for us lefties. To make it easier to use, it features planning pages on the left side of each weekly spread and ample space for notes. The right side features an interesting fact about left-handedness. The calendar also recognizes the birthdays of famous

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Left handed block calendar 2011

Each page of this daily calendar includes a little known fact, quote, bit of trivia, or tale about left-handedness, or information about a famous left-handed person. It also recognizes the birthdays of famous left-handed people. Left-Handers day-to-day Calendar is a block design with a tear-off page for each day. 365

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New Left handed corkscrew

We have recently commissioned a new left-handed corkscrew from one of the world’s foremost manufacturers in Germany. It is a high quality unit that comes in two stainless steel pieces that fit one inside the other for storage or travel and fit together beautifully for opening bottles and, of course,

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Viewing full product information and images

How to see product pages, zoom images and additional product pictures

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Changing the contents of your shopping cart

How to change quantities or remove items from your shopping cart

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Currency conversion video

We display our prices by default in UK Pounds Sterling but it is very easy to have our site display everything in your own currency as well.

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Animoto slideshow videos

We have been playing with a new online service that converts your pictures, text and video clips into really smart videos – it is called Animoto and works really well.   You just upload your pictures, choose from their music and design templates and it produces the video for you.

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Pencil grips video

We have just taken delivery of a new design of pencil grip that has been designed by Dr Barbara Sattler and we think is better than all our previous ones. It is made of very soft rubber so it fits over most pencils and pens and gives a great grip

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Stabilo colouring pencils set of 6 video

Our video of the Stabilo left-handed colouring pencils with ergonomic grip cutouts.   Special left-handed version with the positions for thumb and forefinger moved to suit us lefties. With Reversed printing direction on the left-handed pencils so the wording reads correctly when held in the left hand. Click here to

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