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Left handed pencils improve child behaviour

A lot of what we do at The Left Handers Club is trying to help left-handed children who may be struggling with basic tasks like writing because of their handedness and also to educate parents and teachers in the small changes they can make that will result in huge benefits

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Left handed cursive writing

We recently had an email on cursive writing and the design of our Left handed writing guide mat and thought others may be interested in the answers. ——————————————————— Customer email Hi, Thank you for your email requesting some product reviews. I have one general feedback comment which is that your

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Comment on our newsletters from Latisha

Thank you for your dedication to helping inform people all over the world about the challenges and advantages that left handed people have. Your tips and news have helped me understand my son much better. In October he will be 14 and is the only one around that is left

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