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Fooling right-handers

Our article on left-handed April Fools Day pranks and hoaxes got us thinking how our GENUINE left-handed products can cause great confusion for right-handers if they try to use them.   Here are our top 3 items that will fool right-handers if you leave them around and they try to use

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Left-handed April Fool jokes

April Fools Day is an annual celebration in the U.K, Europe and some other western countries commemorated on 1st April each year by playing practical jokes and spreading hoaxes.  The theme of left-handedness has been incorporated into this by some companies in recent years, based on promoting a “left-handed” version

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Richard Gessner – Left-Handed Author and Artist

We are always happy to feature left-handers with special talents which they attribute to being left-handed and Richard Gessner contacted us recently with some details of his books and artwork as well as his own personal history and how being left-handed has affected his work. Richard’s book “The Conduit and

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Are lefthanders better at puzzles?

We were contacted recently by a company that produces visual puzzles because their analysis was showing that left-handers were better at solving them than right-handers. They found that left handed people scored higher AND also were more adept at finding the hidden items that have proven overall to be more

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Definition of Left-Handed

This was our slightly “tongue-in-cheek” definition of left-handed. What do you think?  Have you got a better definition?     Add you own version as a comment on our Facebook post here   (we post a lot of content on Facebook – if you don’t already see it, Like and

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6 Things Left-Handers Really Should Know

We have produced a short report based on feedback from the 140,000 members of our Left-Handers Club that gives you fast access to the most important content across the thousands of pages on our websites.  It includes: The results of our huge survey on left-handedness Resources for left-handed children (and

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Left-Hander’s Ultimate Discovery Set

We have put our selection of the very best of our products that we think all left-handers will benefit from into our Left-Hander’s Ultimate Discovery Set.  Now available as a discounted set packed in a clear zip bag with an insert describing all the contents so it makes a great

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Left-Handedness Cured In Schools

A 1922 newspaper story about schools in Elizabeth, New Jersey, USA reported that: “An intensive campaign to cure left-handedness among pupils in local schools has resulted in a reduction from 250 to 66, which is less than one half of one percent of the total of 13,000 pupils.” Given that

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The Story of Left-Handed Billy

We recently came across an interesting bit of history that demonstrates the general attitude to left-handedness in the America of the 1850’s.  It is a story called “Left-Handed Billy” that appeared in a popular children’s magazine of the time called “Robert Merry’s Museum”.  Here are a few extracts that give

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Free Left-Handed Scissors (you just cover UK P&P)

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