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Anything Left-Handed Catalogue

We know a lot of people prefer to see a “proper” catalogue rather than browsing through web pages, so we have produced a 10-page version of our catalogue that you can either flick through online like a book or you can print to see offline or pass on to other

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Are breastfed babies less likely to be left-handed?

We have seen a number of newspapers reporting recently on some research that was published in December 2018. As is often the case, the reporting is a bit sensationalist, drawing conclusions that are not really there in the underlying research results. The report is headlined: Babies who are bottle-fed

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Left-handed calligraphy – Quills

Did you know that left-handed quills were used in the Middle Ages? And that feathers for left-handed quills come from the right wing of the bird? You can see a short video about it and how to make your own quills here: Or you can make it a lot easier

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Left-handed EASYgraph pencils from Stabilo

We like Stabilo in Germany because they often consider us left-handers when creating their wide range of writing products and have a history of producing special left-handed versions.   We have produced our own Left-Handed Pencils for many years, with our slogan “It’s a left-handed thing….you wouldn’t understand”, printed so

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Left-handedness and work choices

We were asked recently whether there are any links between being left-handed and the job people do.  We did a survey on this a while back and also saw a recent article on it by Clare Porac (author of Laterality: Exploring the enigma of left-handedness). The scientific rationale connecting handedness

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How to create a gift order

Choosing one of our specially designed left-handed items as a gift for family or friends will not only give them real benefits but also show you have noticed they are left-handed and thought about it enough to choose a gift that is really helpful for them.   If you want

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Super-Security on the ALH Website

We have spent the last 6 months upgrading security on our website to make sure our visitors are safe when they enter personal information or place orders. Use this link to see full details

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Left-Handers Apps

We had an email recently from LHC member Rose in Austria saying that she had been researching iPhone apps that have a left hand mode and we thought this information might be useful for you as well. There is a simple calculator called Southpaw on the ios App store that

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Videos explaining the benefits of left-handed products

We have produced a lot of videos where we demonstrate our most popular items and what makes them so much easier for us left-handers to use. This one demonstrates the items in our Left-Handers Discovery Set (save 20% by ordering the set).

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Books about being left-handed

If you want to know more about being left-handed and the research into what might cause handedness, left-handed language, brain organisation and how it affects our lives and even the handedness of Muppets, have a look at our range of books on left-handedness including: Right Hand, Left Hand The Left-Hander’s

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