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How to create a gift order

Choosing one of our specially designed left-handed items as a gift for family or friends will not only give them real benefits but also show you have noticed they are left-handed and thought about it enough to choose a gift that is really helpful for them.   If you want

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Super-Security on the ALH Website

We have spent the last 6 months upgrading security on our website to make sure our visitors are safe when they enter personal information or place orders. Use this link to see full details

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Left-Handers Apps

We had an email recently from LHC member Rose in Austria saying that she had been researching iPhone apps that have a left hand mode and we thought this information might be useful for you as well. There is a simple calculator called Southpaw on the ios App store that

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Videos explaining the benefits of left-handed products

We have produced a lot of videos where we demonstrate our most popular items and what makes them so much easier for us left-handers to use. This one demonstrates the items in our Left-Handers Discovery Set (save 20% by ordering the set).

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Books about being left-handed

If you want to know more about being left-handed and the research into what might cause handedness, left-handed language, brain organisation and how it affects our lives and even the handedness of Muppets, have a look at our range of books on left-handedness including: Right Hand, Left Hand The Left-Hander’s

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Left-Handed = Wrong-Handed (in Iceland Orvhentur anyway!)

Kristín from Iceland got in touch recently and told us that the word for left-handed in Icelandic also means “wrong-handed”.  We are not surprised, as it is common all around the world for language to discriminate against left-handers with words that also mean various bad things such as awkward, clumsy,

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Is Prince Louis another royal left-hander?

Prince Louis Arthur Charles, the third child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (William and Kate) was born on 23 April which, by happy coincidence, is also St. George’s Day, England’s National Day. Prince Louis of Cambridge is 5th in line to the British throne. His father Prince William

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Left-Handers and Allergies

Allergy Awareness Week runs from 23- 29 April 2018 and there have been various reports of left-handers being more susceptible to allergies.  Stanley Coren in his book Left-Hander reports a study in Glasgow, Scotland where lefthanders were found to be eleven times more likely than righ-handers to suffer from hay fever,

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Fooling right-handers

Our article on left-handed April Fools Day pranks and hoaxes got us thinking how our GENUINE left-handed products can cause great confusion for right-handers if they try to use them.   Here are our top 3 items that will fool right-handers if you leave them around and they try to use

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Left-handed April Fool jokes

April Fools Day is an annual celebration in the U.K, Europe and some other western countries commemorated on 1st April each year by playing practical jokes and spreading hoaxes.  The theme of left-handedness has been incorporated into this by some companies in recent years, based on promoting a “left-handed” version

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