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Lefty Disadvantages
– Things Lefties Are maybe Not So Good At!

There are some things that we find more difficult because of our
brain wiring and others that are more practical issues.

Things left-handers find difficult

Telephone boxes – receiver and coin slot on right TV & Hi Fi controls
Record Player Arms Writing
Scissors Trousers with one back pocket
Trouser Zips Polo (left-handed players not allowed!)
Hockey (left hand players not allowed in Field Hockey
– Ice hockey is OK and there have been some very
successful left-handed Ice Hockey players)
Tying shoe laces/ties
Writing in binders/files Cheque book stubs
Pens on chains in Banks Cash dispensing machines
Ticker barriers on underground
(ticket has to be put in with right hand)
Computer number. keypads (on right) Dining in restaurants (bump elbows with R/H diners)

Medical equipment

Club member Michael is a volunteer Emergency Medical Technician and tells us he has problems with right-handed equipment…

“My manual sphyg (blood-pressure cuff) can only be inflated with your right hand. (There are ambidextrous ones, but they are more expensive.) And I had problems learning to fit a cervical (neck) collar, until I discovered that they can only be pushed across with the right hand, not pulled with the left. Obviously, it would be completely impractical to equip hospitals and ambulances with both left and right handed equipment, but I can dream”


It is traditional and socially acceptable in most countries for a handshake to be made with the right hand. If a lefty tries to use the more natural left hand this causes confusion and makes people uncomfortable

We understand that a left-handed handshake is used as a recognition device by some secret societies and has “sinister”
connotations (we can't win can we?).

If anyone knows more about this or has any thoughts, please add a comment below.

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90 comments on “Lefty Disadvantages
  1. amy says:

    im a lefty my husband is not OUR son is a lefty. I have bad balance and everything kooks backwards its very difficult playing games with others but I do have high IQ 135. I love that we are rare

  2. Barb says:

    Ladels that pour.
    Steak knives sometimes cut better right handed .
    No one wants to teach a child how to bat left handed
    My mom was right handed and taught me how to crochet by standing in front of a mirror.

  3. Louise Humphries says:

    Most things are difficult for left handers as many things are made for right handers without the makers even realising that the lefties might not benefit from these things. These things vary from school desks in America to right handed scissors.
    Its true that left handers are almost always forgotten about when making anything for anyone to use.
    I personally am a leftie and its really not fair that we may get segregated for specific things. to be honest I think thats bullshit.

  4. Ash says:

    Some of these things are ridiculous. Ticket barriers? Is there really such a problem with using your off-hand for such a simple task?

    • Will says:

      It’s fine as long as you remember or are used to it, otherwise you put the ticket in with your natural left hand, opening someone else’s barrier for them, and walk straight into yours.

  5. Vince Hardt says:

    One of the greatest inconveniences for left handers is not mentioned above: the tray table on an airliner, with a single cup indentation on the right for cups and glasses. We are packed in like sardines to begin with, so having a drink in the wrong place makes it all the more difficult. There has actually been some progress here. On a United Airlines A-320 recently, I was pleased to see the tray tables had two such indentations, right and left. However, on the return trip on an A-321, there was only the single right-handed holder. It’s time for this idea to take off! (pun intended)

  6. Lefty McGraw says:

    Every time I butter my toast it falls apart. My family, all right handed, same butter, same bread, same toaster and their buttered toast is perfect. The culprit is those nasty little serrations on one side of the blade. I’m nearly 50 and I only noticed this recently. No wonder lefties die younger.

  7. Jamie says:

    School Pencil sharpeners ( crank on right), microwave buttons, lawn mover power cord (pulling to start motor) stick shift, bike and moped gear controls, dinnerware settings, debit card swipe and placement on counters, manual can openers, vehicle key ignitions, blinkers, wipers, etc…, toilet paper holders, movie theater cup holders, vacuum cleaner attachments.

  8. Bill Crabbe says:

    I’m writing a brief article on left-handedness for our newspaper and just found this. I had hysterics reading it aloud to my wife. I am predominately left-handed, although cross-dominant, as I do many things naturally right-handed. I could identify with virtually everything on this list. My favorite was the shoe-tying one. My mother used to tell me that was beginning to get concerned about my development because I couldn’t figure out what the hell she was doing while trying to teach me to tie my shoes. She finally had an insight and taught me to do it backwards, which I picked up immediately and still do to this day.

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