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Famous left-handers

Left-handers have achieved greatness in many walks of life, but particularly in creative, sporting and artistic fields, where their natural talent for lateral thinking and ingenuity have made a huge contribution to all our lives.

If you are left-handed then you are in very good company. Throughout history left-handers have excelled as leaders, sportsmen, artists, musicians and in many other fields. This is our list of famous left-handers – with over 1,000 people we think it is the most comprehensive on the Web.

The list is based on our research and reports from Club members, but we know we are not perfect. If you spot any errors in our list, can provide any further information or have any famous left-handers we should add to our list, please add your information as comments to these pages.

The list contains well over 1,000 left-handers and is divided into 4 sections as below.

Entertainment History Professions Sport Sport
Politics – UK
Politics – US
Politics – Other
American Football
Football (soccer)
Motor Racing
Table Tennis

If you spot famous left-handers we've missed, please add them as a comment at the bottom of this page.

We have also produced a list of famous “left-handers” who are really right handed and are often shown in error on lists of famous lefthanders on the web – click here for our list of left-hander mistakes

Links to our other pages on famous left handers


Developing our famous lefthander pages

We are working on a major redevelopment of our content on famous lefthanders to allow us to show better profiles and links to their sites, twitter feeds etc and also to allow better searching by name, sport, profession etc. and allow you to add comments to individual profiles.

We are also going to expand out activites on encouraging famous lefties to become members of the Left Handers C lub.

In the meantime, we are going to add new famous lefties we are told about below and if you see any please add them as comments to this page and we will add them to our list.

  • Sebastien Loeb, WRC Rally driver extraordinaire is currently well on his way to his NINTH World Championship. He is most definitely a left hander as any photo of him signing autographs – and regularly holding champagne bottles – will prove.
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321 comments on “Famous left-handers
  1. Julien says:

    Hello. In the list of left-handers, you can put Jonny Wilkinson and Dan Carter. Two of the most famous rugbymen in the world.

  2. Craig says:

    It would appear that being left handed is only advantageous in a right handed world. if being left handed was more persistent in the population, the negative effects of the ‘lefty’ trait would soon cause the left handed trait to decrease in frequency.

    Right handedness is the clear dominant trait, with no obvious disadvantages. However, left handedness hasn’t become an extinct trait because as a minority, its advantages outweigh the negatives!
    (All from here by the way:

  3. Ronnie Cecil says:

    I noticed a long time ago the unusually high percentage of Left handed people on TV,Movies…etc. Really the whole entertainment industry. Right-handed seem to be few. I think the percentage is at the least 60 to 70 percent.

  4. Kieran says:

    Noticed one due to how she was playing the maracas of all things…Christine Mcvie from Fleetwood Mac.

    A quick look at google images shows her writing left handed too.

  5. mr j Haynes says:

    David Cameron current British Prime Minister is left handed

  6. Steen Schmidt Nielsen says:

    Dear everybody.

    I can see, that there is a lot of famous lefthanders, are there not any famous righthanders????

    Sincerely Steen.

  7. chua says:

    Left-handed badminton players
    (from China)

    Yang Yang
    Zhao Jianhua
    Lin Dan

  8. Seymour Popeck says:

    “Presidents’ Day”

    ROTRING is now, I believe, owned by a US company. When they , disappointedly, ceased producing their left-handed ‘Calligraphy’ pens I wrote and asked why, if so many recent presidents have been lefties, has the company now decided that it’s not worth their while to continue making them?

    I also commented that if their president were to ask them to supply their left-oblique nibbed pens, what would the company do about it..? And with a population of more than 300 million, a potential market of anything between 30-50 million people should be worth addressing; more within the EU.

    Response: none! Today is a good day to remind Rotring of its lack of awareness towards an important sector of the pen world. Even, perhaps, to contact the White House and suggest that President Obama order a set of left-handed Calligraphy pens from Rotring. Then see them jump…

  9. Rily says:

    I think the Olsen twins were in fact mirror twins which would make only ine of them left handed and the other right handed.

  10. Sam says:


    In the list Famous People, You may want to add our sitting President Uhuru Kenyatta, President of the Republic of Kenya.


  11. Betty says:

    What I want to know, who are left handers that are on a Postage stamp.

  12. Avery says:

    Basketball anyone?

  13. tess says:

    everyone is left handed ok like, Justin beiber Nicole kidman Angelina jolie brad pitt and there 6 adopted children! just to name a few, sorry about incorrect spelling!!

  14. joel says:

    I just watched the movie “Cookie” and Emily Lloyd is left handed.

  15. Andrew says:

    Just discovered that Nicola Benedetti the Violinist is left handed but obviously you don’t play a violin left handed because its antisocial when in an orchestra.

  16. Anon says:

    The list is not accurate loads of people on the list are not lefties but actually right-handed!

    Drew Barrymore
    Demi Moore
    Kim Basinger
    Brad Pitt

    All Right Handed!

    To name just some!

  17. Anne Duncombe says:


    Phil Tufnel b. 29 April 1966 Born England

  18. Travis says:

    On the tv show “The Simpson’s”; Homer’s upbeat neighbor- Ned Flanders- is said to be left-handed and even opened up a store specializing in gadgets and items for lefties.

    In fact, if you pay close attention most if not all cartoon characters (Bart Simpson, Doug Funny, Chucky Finster, Chris Griffin) are south paws.

    • Julie says:

      The reason why so many characters in The Simpsons are left-handed, is because Matt Groening is left-handed. Infact, he has stated that Bart Simpson was created left-handed deliberately, because Matt is left-handed.

  19. Star says:

    Eminem, 50 Cent, Sarah Jessica Parker,Allen Think, Tim Allen, Goldie Hawn, Morgan Freeman, Richard Simmons, Lisa Kudrow, Phil Collins, Whoopi Goldburge, Fran Drescher, Oprah, Stan Lee, and Bill Clinton are all left handed.

  20. Keith says:

    From Kiah
    Norse god Twu -a lefthander. Origin of Tuesday (Twusday). Perfect for a lefthanded calender.

  21. Keith says:

    From Melissa:
    Thanks for this site! Didn ´t know any of this kind existed. But there are so few poets — may I suggest that you add Susanna Roxman to that list? She has a Wikipedia article of her own. And I happen to know she ´s lefthanded.

  22. Martin Hughes-Games says:

    I am left handed but interestingly, looking around the table at the morning meetings for BBC2 Springwatch, i noticed that of 10 people at the table 5 were left handed! I wonder if there is a preponderance of Left handers in TV production? I will do a study amongst the Autunmwatch team.

    • Joy says:

      I would think in the tv industry there leftyies would be the majority seeing that it is the creative people who are in that industry.Authors, musicians, photographers, athletes as well.All creative fields……

  23. robert says:

    Kevin ian Pardue is left handed he’s an actor/model well known for his role in remember the titans

  24. FrannieW says:

    I am hoping that you will put David Cook on your famous lefties list. He won season 7 of American Idol and he is involved with many charities. His twitter name is @thedavidcook He plays left-hand guitar, writes and pitches etc with his left hand.

    ~Thanks Frannie Wessel

  25. Hirali says:

    Nialll Horan from boy-band One Direction is left-handed.. 🙂

  26. max says:

    um’! so sorry being a life long tennis playing lefty , well you cant include Rafal nadel as he is actually right handed he just plays left handed as it gives him an advantidge so i guess an honrary award would be nice .love max xx

  27. M says:

    I just found this site and find it intriguing. I am left-handed from birth as is my husband and our son. My husband’s sister is left handed as is my uncle, so this is a trait that is common in our families. I was an athletic young person, as was our son, and being left-handed never complicated anything. The only problem that I encountered was going through my young years of parochial school and some of the teachers not being very sympathetic to my tiny left hand. As an adult, there are some items that can be difficult to maneuver, but you learn and move on. The potato peeler always being my kitchen enemy, so it makes me happy to see one that is suitable for us left-handed folks. All in all it is fun to be different in any way, shape or form and I cherish my uniqueness. 🙂

  28. Jacobe says:

    “All geniouses are not lefthanded, but all lefthanded are geniouses” 😉

    -Ever heard that? ,hehe

  29. Agatha says:

    Kurt Cobain
    Dick Dale
    Jimi Hendrix
    Toni Iommi
    Paul McCartney
    Paul Simon
    Ringo Starr
    Iggy Pop
    Leonardo da Vinci
    Charlie Chaplin
    Angelina Jolie
    Keanu Reeves

  30. Lakia says:

    Tyson Ritter is a lefty!!!!

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