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Teacher training – comments on our article
– Positive comments on support from teachers

We posted an article about Teacher Training and Left handed Children in March 2012 and received a huge response, with over 200 comments totalling some 30,00o words and hundreds of emails – this is certainly the biggest response to anything we have ever posted.

You can see the original article “Teacher Training and Left handed Children” here

and the follow up article with conclusions from the initial feedback here

There were not many positive comments from people who were happy with the support they received but here are a couple to help give a balanced view!

  1. I have a nine year old left handed daughter, when she started primary school I was thrilled to find they had a left handed teacher and right handed nursery nurse, purposely to support both sets of children with writing etc. They supplied all stationery in both left handed and right handed formats and also blobs to put on pencils again for both sets of children to ensure they held the pencils correctly – they also sent equipment home to support me being a right handed mum with my daughter; they also gave me some training to support her at home. No complaints and totally fantastic support!
  2. I am lefthanded and at school as I child I was constantly smudging work or told my writing/presentation wasn't neat. I have managed to get by but I definitely could do with a lefty kettle and people remembering that I catch and throw with my left hand. I now work in a primary school and we use pencil grips for left and right handed children, encourage correct comfortable posture for all children and use lefthanded products like the scissors. I've never worked with a teacher in early years education or beyond that has tried to discourage a child writing with their lefthand and we are aware that children will form letters in a different rotation or need a different seating plan to cater for being lefthanded.

If you have anything to add, please leave a comment using the box below.

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2 comments on “Positive comments
  1. Barbara Bolt says:

    My experience of being a left-hander starting school in a right handed world goes back nearly eighty years – and I still find people less enlightened than my school headmaster was then.

    At six I had already learnt to read – using my sister’s first reader and sounding out the labels on jars and headings on newspapers, and reinforced by the frequent reading aloud from my father.

    I did a study of laterality in my university years when I wanted to contradict most of the statements that were made by then authorities. Thinking back (and knowing of the problems of King George VI) I wonder why we don’t make more effort to encourage both sides – touch typing versus writing for a start. It is possible to change hands without drama – a friend who wanted to play hockey was able to switch although he continued to write in his “other” hand. How many times do we use the free hand to do a task that would otherwise be initiated by the left hand if it is already engaged?

  2. Rachel says:

    My teachers didn’t have special pens, but used a curriculum that taught how to write left and right handed-including slant guides. All of my righty friends are jealous of my handwriting! I was encouraged to watch out for smudging, and have learned how to write neater than most people-maybe it’s cause i was just determined!

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