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Congratulations on your purchase!

You made a great decision to order the Ebook version of Your Left-Handed Child and we are sure you and your child will benefit a lot from the information and ideas it contains.

The best way to download your ebook is to right-click on this link or the image below and then choose “Save link as…”, “Save target as…” or similar.   You can then choose where to save the document on your computer and then open it to view (but see notes below on Adobe PDF Reader).
(please note that this is a 128 page document and may take a few minutes to download so give it a while!)

If you are having any problems, please scroll down for further notes.

Download Your Left-Handed Child Ebook

Using an iPad to download?

Give the book time to download and open in a browser tab in Safari.   You can just read it there but it is better to save it in your iBooks library so you have it to read offline.   You will need to have the iBooks App installed on your iPad before you can do this so get it from the App Store first if you need to.
Once the book is open in a Safari tab, tap the screen and it will show a button at top right that says “Open in iBooks”. Touch that button and it will be saved to your iBooks library.   You can then read it offline at your leisure.

Problems viewing with Firefox?

If you left click the link or image your computer will try to open the ebook directly rather than downloading it.   This should normally work fine but Firefix have recently implemented their own version of the PDF viewer that does not seem to work properly.   The best way round this is to just right click and save rather then opening direct.

PDF Format / Adobe reader

The guide is provided as a download file in Adobe PDF format, one of the most widely used formats for downloadable documents on the web that works on most types of computer. You will need to have the Adobe Reader installed on your computer to view, save and print the document. If you do not already have Adobe Reader you can get a copy free from the Adobe website
Click here to download the free Adobe Reader
(opens in a new browser window so you will not lose this page)

If you cannot open the ebook, it is possible you have an old version of Adobe reader.   If you open Adobe Reader then click Help and Check for Updates that should bring you up to the current version (You will need version 10+ to open the ebook).

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