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There are lots of ways you can be involved in what we are doing and contribute your own experiences and advice.

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8 comments on “Being involved
  1. Rachel Breakspear says:

    I am the eldest of four siblings. My brother and I (third born ) are left handed,both born in March and share the same birth sign l♓. I have 3 children all are right handed however, my eldest daughter has a daughter who is left handed.I live over 270 miles away from them my granddaughter is seven and I have seen her no more than a handful of times so clearly not influenced her handedness in any shape or form. In today’s modern society equality and diversity are acknowledged and celebrated however, not so true when it comes to education! we are ignored resulting in people like I fall behind in certain subjects whilst excelling in others.Today’s educational system is outdated and frankly hipocritical far too much time is spent mulling over teaching and learning styles that are not scientifically proven, where’s the S.M.A.R.T in that ?. Why are we not being accounted for here ? Why does education chose to ignore what science tells us about how left and right handed people think differently, using opposite sides of our brains ? Maths for example you give me a simple question like: what’s 20% off £46 = £9.2, if you start adding some kind of story line to this for example: A school was having a sponsored skipping event two classes of 23 pupils Bla..Bla.. get the idea ? Well i was totally lost from this point where the question says ‘A school ‘ ! Lol. So curious to know if any left handers get what I’m saying here and have a similar problem ? I am also interested to know how left-handed people learn how to play/hold a guitar? I so desperately want to learn but hold it wrong they are not made for lefties are they? It’s so frustrating when everyone bangs on about equal rights and no discrimination but think it’s ok to turn a blind eye to us who’s numbers are on the increase So much time is being wasted it’s no surprise were becoming a country of uneducated school leavers with teachers teaching right handed techniques to left handed pupils and visa versa. Just my opinion.

  2. Helen Wardle says:

    My son is the only left handed member of either my family or my husband’s family. As far as we know no one in either family has ever been left handed before. When my son was born he had undescended testicles. The German paediatrician who looked after him said straight away “that means he’ll be left handed”. I’d really like to know if there is any truth, anecdotal or scientific, in this. Does anyone know? Also, as a glimpse into the world of Lefties I have found your site so helpful and useful. Like many right-handers I had no idea how tricky it can be for you. My son is now five but is already having his left-handedness treated like a disability at school (he has to use a mouse for disabled children because they won’t adjust the settings on the computer, for example). It’s great to know there’s somewhere I can get products and information for him as he grows up. Keep up the good work!

  3. ken says:

    Every time I meet someone who is left handed, I ALWAYS ask if they are artistic in some fashion, and probably 98% of the time they admit to some form of artistic ability. I may have to dig a little to help some of them recognize their talent, but it is usually always there. With this thought in mind, I have thought of forming a left handers club here in Dallas, Texas. I can only imagine the amount of talent that would be assembled in one location! That is my focus on being left-handed, the great amount of talent out there waiting to be discovered.
    In my experience as a left hander, one thing stands out. My entire life I have had a great appreciation for music. I can remember to probably when I was about three years old, and television was in its infancy. My favorite program on TV at the time was the Liberace show. I was fascinated with his piano playing, and can still see the candelabra sitting on the piano. My favorite piece of music at this young age was The Nutcracker, especially the Nutcracker Suite. This music was so energetic and powerful. Then came Elvis. My earliest memory of playing music in public was at a Christmas celebration at the Methodist Church we attended. I think I was maybe four by then, and they were giving all the children a gift. They called me to the front, and presented me with a toy guitar. As they gave it to me, they asked me to “play” a song, and I immediately broke out in Hound Dog, and can still visualize this in my minds eye too. Later was Peter, Paul, and Mary, and I fell in love with folk music which has always been my musical foundation. Of course the Beatles were the most important influence, but as well was David Cousins and Strawbs, especially the early more folky stuff, which I still listen to.

    • Chrissie says:

      I used to be in the brass band at school. The only instrument I didn’t play was the trombone, because the slidy thing was on the wrong side. I played Trumpet Voluntary, at the Public Hall. My Dad and sister were there, and (eeek!!) I got a standing ovation, which scared me – I ran off stage!

  4. Donna says:

    Does anyone know where I can get a mop for left handed people? The only ones I seem to find in the shops are the ones with the screw on head and as soon as I try to wring the mop out, I end up unscrewing the mop head.

  5. Sharon Hill says:

    My youngest grandson is dominantly right- handed. However he is in the beginners hockey and shoots the puck left handed. My son-inlaw is looking for a left-handers’ hockey stick. Why is it more expensive for a left-hander’s than a right -hander’s hockey stick? Incidently this hockey stick will have to be shortened in size for my young grandson too. Also in my immediate family of six, there were three of us (mom included ) that were dominantly left-handed(I am one of the three).I have adapted to the right-handed world using my left-hand on right handed tools. I don’t even curl my wrist to write left-handed as I have seen so many of us left-hander’s do. I just turn the paper slightly to the right in order to write on it by hand.

  6. dave walker says:

    does anyone make a left handed knife sharpener, the type that you hold with one hand and draw the knife through with the other? my one must be used by holding it with the left hand and drawing the knife through with the right as the sharpening wheels inside only allow it to be done this way. Every Sunday i sharpen the carving knife but feel very uncomfortable doing it with my right hand.
    dave walker

  7. GUSTAVO says:

    Es siempre un placer recibir aqui enf Argentina el newsletter del “Club”. Propongo se investigue sobre la incidencia de Enfermedad de Alzheimer en los zurdos, comparados con los diestros, ya que tengo el dato que dado nuestro ejecicio permanente en un mundo de diestros, tenemos nuestro cerebro más entrenado. Muchas gracias

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