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135 comments on “Being LH Home
  1. Mario says:

    If someone was right handed, and willfully became left handed through practice, would this cause the same psychological problems that seem to plague those who were forced to switch their dominant hand? If anyone has done this, let me know if you experienced any of those symptoms… Thanks!!!

  2. Amar Amrullah says:

    This site really made me feels like home =)

  3. Terry says:

    Left handed tape measures are needed. Tape measures today are designed for a right hander.

    Righty: Hold the tape with the right hand and extend the tape with the left.
    Lefty’s on the other hand will be inclined to hold the tape with the left hand and extend with the right. Doing so leaves the measurement displayed upside down. Innocuous concern for a right hander but annoying as hell when you’re a cabinet maker measuring cuts to 1/32″.

  4. nouria rehoudja says:

    Everything in Algéria is right handed persons! it’s so difficult for me.
    Many people avoid eating with left handed persons, it used to hurt me when I was yong!
    Now, I’m glad to be so

  5. ian stephens says:

    hi to everybody out there it’s right handed world ha ha and us lefty’s get some bad press myself i find this world hard place to live in being left handed but i have learnt to adapt to everyday life in my job and at home.Only one question i have got is i play guitar and when i started learning tried to play left handed switched the strings around but my brain couldn’t understand it so i learnt to play right handed.So if anybody out there can answer my question it would be helpful many thanks .

  6. Julian says:

    I’m left handed, I eat, write, paint, do daily activities lefty. However for all sports I play right dominant I don’t know why but I’d like to attribute it to the fact that all of my immediate family is right handed and growing up they always taught me sports as they knew it. Go lefties!

  7. Elaine says:

    I love being a leftie. That’s the way God intended. I have a twin (not identical) and she is also a leftie. I crochet left handed. I tried it right handed, but it didn’t work.

  8. Alice* says:

    Hello! Alice isn’t my real name, by the way. In our family, most of us are left-handed. Only my mom is not. My brother is left-handed, but he uses his right hand when writing. This is because my mom taught him to write with the right hand in kindergarten. My mom tried to teach me, but then she stopped because I was insistent in using my left hand. I don’t have a lot of problems regarding my handwriting, but I find it annoying when there are pen marks on my hand after writing, and I hate using spiral notebooks. There’s no left-handed stuff for sale at our place, so I can’t do anything about it. I don’t have a problem with seating arrangements. I can sit anywhere I like, even next to right-handed people at cafeterias. My right-handed seatmates, on the other hand, find it hard to adjust. But the problem is, when eating at home, I sit beside my brother, and he has huge arms. And even if he’s left-handed, we would occasionally fight over dinner then I would move a few inches away from him. Using utensils is easy for me. I have no problem with using a right-handed chair in class because I’m used to it. But using scissors and knives for paring has been a pain for me. I’m really bad at sewing and learning to crochet. At school, it was fun being a southpaw since most of my classmates are right-handed. I don’t get upset when they comment on me being a lefty and my even weirder way of holding a pen. I don’t hold a pen like most people, even my left-handed friends. But I’m not insecure about it because I have a neat penmanship. They would try to write using their left hand and I would get amused while watching them do it. I have studied in a Catholic school since kindergarten, but left-handers are not being maltreated in any way. But there was one time in 5th grade that we have to adapt to a style in holding a pen whether you’re right or left-handed, and I had a hard time adapting to it because of my unusual style in pen-holding. Fortunately, it didn’t last long. Then in high school, teachers and classmates would praise me because I was good in Math and English, and my friends would usually tell me I’m good at drawing. I was one of the youngest in our class, and there was only one other person aside from me who is a lefty. At the time we only had one left-handed chair in the room. We would always argue about it, but I would let him use it because I didn’t really need it. I have heard that right-handed people are good at scientific stuff, and left-handed people are artistically inclined. But I think I’m better at scientific thinking than creativity. We had an IQ test once and I scored a high rating. I love anything related to facts and logic. Yet I also like to daydream and imagine all sorts of things. I read that left-handed people are good at sports, but I’m not really good at any sports at all because I’m more inclined to indoor games like Scrabble. But when I participate in sports, I don’t find it hard to use right-handed equipment. I used to play badminton, but then I quit because a lump grew on my left arm. Until now, it’s still there and my left hand gets tired easily when doing or writing stuff. Left-handed people adjust more easily to seeing underwater? I usually close my eyes when swimming because I don’t like the thought of water getting into my eyes. I’m good at multitasking. I like doing things one at a time because I get stressed out when I’m not. I’m quite forgetful. My brother is better at playing video games than me. And I’m a slow typist. That’s all!

  9. Stewart says:

    Left handed since birth. But also left eyed, ( the other has never worked). So, left handed by nature… or left handed out of physical necessity?

  10. Carol says:

    I’m curious if left-handed people tend to favor their left side when sleeping, and also if when they slip or fall, they tend to fall on the left side.? When I was 8 years old, and already knew I was left handed I got my first bicycle without training wheels. I took off down the street, hit some dirt in a driveway and fell and broke my left arm! I still love bicycling despite that first experience. When my arm healed & the cast came off, ironically about 2 weeks after it was removed, I fell again on a slippery boat dock in our backyard, and again fell on my left side, this time cracking my left wrist! I learned my lesson and have not broken anymore bones during my life and I am now 58. Yet I still bruise my left side whenever I slip, most often when downhill skiing. Is this just me? And I also favor sleeping on my left side, although I toss & turn for a few hours before I get comfy. Thanks for any comments. Cjmellow(Carol)

  11. jane says:

    I love being a leftie. As far as I know, I am the only leftie in my family. My son is right handed, and I must say, I found it difficult when he was younger to help to teach him to write. Other than that I have adapted pretty well to the world geared in favour of the right hand. And I was lucky, no one ever tried to change me. I sometimes get strange reactions from people though when they realise I’m left handed, and that includes people apologising to me for me being a leftie….really!!!??? why apologise!!!??? I find that reaction, in particular, really hilarious…..

  12. sheri says:

    i would like to know if mirror writing has anything to do with being left handed

    • Louise says:

      Hi Sheri,
      It probably does. I am left-handed and some time ago, in moment of boredom, I started writing from right to left (aka mirror writing) in a reasonably legible way. Needless to say it freaked me out, in a panic I phoned a psychiatrist and explained what had happened, fully expecting to be told to make an appointment because I was, indeed, going crazy. Instead he asked me if I was left-handed, which threw me until he explained that our [left-handed] brains want to work from right to left and not to worry, it was a completely natural thing to do. What a relief!
      I am curious as to why you ask – can you right from right to left too?

  13. Becky says:

    hi im becky and im only young (15) but i find being a left handed person very challenging. in my school im not sure if anyone else understands but in P.E. when they explain/show how to do something i cant understand it because its the opposite of me. i also take art so the left handed scissors and the pen are very helpful and im the happiest person on earth because i found this website

    thank you 😀


    • Debbi says:

      My grandmother was the main support I got to “remain a south-paw”. She sat opposite from me, at age 5+ all thru her life,and had me copy her hand movements for crochet, sewing, embroidery, cooking,& so on… I understand your frustration about society not getting it. Winning a fight with my 3rd grade teacher on the position of my paper to learn cursive resulting in me not writing almost upside down. But being a select group, we get all equipment(golf clubs, scissors, etc) at a much higher cost.

  14. Peter says:

    Hello my fellow lefties.

    Fun fact: In Kenya it’s disrespectful to give someone a gift with your left hand.

    We may only be 10% but considering there are 7 some billion people on earth – there’s over 700 million of us 😉


  15. Eliza says:

    I’m a righty, however I have brushed my teeth with my left hand for almost as long as I can remember (my logic as a 4-or-5-year-old was that the sink counter was too high for me to reach, so it was best for me to hold my cup of water with my steadier [right] hand), thus, I taught myself to brush my teeth left-handed, and ever since, I can no longer brush right handed. (Oddly, my dad thinks this is an amazing feat as he claims this is supposedly hard to do with your non-dominant hand.)

    I also pour things with my left hand (the fridge door was on the right, freezer door on the left), so I would open the fridge with my right hand and grab the milk with my left, then precede to pour said milk with my left hand. I’m able to pour things right-handed, though I find this awkward.
    I’ve taught myself to write fairly legibly with my left hand, and I find it fun to write with my left hand.

    When I clasp my hands together, my left thumb is on top.

    I think I hold a tennis or badminton racket left-handed if I wanted to, because I did this a little when I was a kid and broke my right arm.

    In phys-Ed, I would stand in Southpaw stance naturally, because it was kind of similar to how my dad taught me how to stand when throwing a baseball.

    • Ron says:

      Oh? It’s called “Cross-dominant”. It’s a special case that only certain persons have. It means you do some things on the left hand and on the right. I’m actually a leftie but I do almost everything in both hands.

  16. Nabeal says:

    my last comments make me think that there should be a survey..
    With Gods grace, I have been a stronger person then any other ordinary person, even as a kid. I don’t I was the strongest thought I was in my school, specially being very thin I use to beat all kids in arm wrestling. why I am talking about in childhood time coz at that time its more raw power as after growing up people workout and all.
    So may b lefties are physically stronger then righties.

    So my question is how many lefties think they were/are among the stronger kids in the school compared to their body type?

  17. Nabeal says:

    Love being Left handed in the right handed world. There are some disadvantages but I guess we all have learnt while growing up and now its usual.
    What I love about being lefty is my right hand is similarly strong as my left, and when ever I use to beat my collage mates in arm wrestling, all I used to say was:
    “dude I am a lefty and still I beat u with my right.” haha..

  18. CAROLYN DALY says:


  19. Betsy Priest says:

    Being left-handed to me is an honor. I’m the only one from the maternal or paternal side in this generation to be left-handed. It’s amazing what the gene pool produces. My daughter is right-handed. Both my grandmothers sewed and did needlework and taught me the basics despite the difference in handedness. When I discovered I was good at sewing and needlework, I taught myself, using good old right handed equipment! A sewing machine is a right-handed piece of equipment, also. I just learned to load the bobbin and thread right-handed and went about my work. I used right-handed scissors and to this day cannot use leftie scissors! Irons were also right-handed, with the plug coming out of the iron in such a way that I had to turn the ironing board around with the wide end on my left and ironed backwards. A good friend (right-handed, of course), showed me the basics of cross stitch, hooking and needlepoint, and I taught myself from there. My biggest disappointment is not being able to learn to crochet. Both grandmothers did but passed before they could show me. I have had people sit in front of me to mimic left-handedness and how tried the tutorials on the web. What I make looks nothing like theirs! I love being left-handed and never let it stop me from doing whatever I want. My husband, however, does not like the way I put tissue paper on the roll. I don’t have any problems…………. he does!

  20. AM says:

    My boyfriend and I are both left handing. But we still live in a very right handed product house. lol. Live in a very small town 5 hrs away for any city center. Knives are a problem….buggers are slanted the wrong way so the knife always slips. I am the only lefty in my family, and I used to love to bake with my grandmother, but she would always take over my task like stirring because I “looked akward”. Apparently I also used to write from right to left. I have been running a chainsaw for years as well and my supervisor always says I look funny doing it. I approach everything from the opposite side. But I don’t write on paper like most lefties that curl their hands over or ‘write upside down’, I figured out a way to do it so i would stop getting ink all over my hand. Fun times. Sometimes I laugh about some of this stuff.

  21. Lefthanded99 says:

    I am left handed and I am proud !! WOOOOOHOOOOOO Left Handed People are AWESOOOOOMMMEEE

  22. TBetts says:

    I am a left handed person. My mother said they made me write right handed when I was young and I did but switched back. The wired thing about my situation is I’m a hairstylist and I cut right handed but hold my clippers in my left hand! As for annoying things lefties have to work with to me is spiral notebooks! Also the old fashioned desks they used to make that was for right handed people!

  23. J STEPHENS says:

    Both my husband and myself are natural left handed but in school many many years ago we were not allowed to use our left hands yet I seem to gravitate to some things with my left just naturally.
    One day he said to me. Honey, do you realize you eat half your meal left handed and the rest right, going back and forth?” I did no realize it
    He learned to have a beautiful handwriting but it was forced from the right side. And then he learned to write with either hand and both beautiful penmanship.
    I have been trying lately to write better with my left hand and I just know I am left handed person that was thrown into a right handed world.
    I did play tennis left handed and baseball left handed when I was a kid. Now at 70, I cook and bake more with my left hand. It is just the writing that is so messy
    How I wish you had been around when we were young. We were both forced to keep our left hand behind us or under us and would be in trouble when we did things left handed.
    so happy for young people today that left handed tools are out there and schools accept us for who we are. Thanks for the wonderful service you provide

  24. rick says:

    my son tried to work left handed for a day and said he almost lost his job!!

  25. rick says:

    Is Shania Twain left handed

  26. nikkolina says:

    oh and not to mention the only one out of my six sibblings that is a lefty, and i’m also a twin and my twin is a rightie…

  27. nikkolina says:

    im a lefty but the only thing i do right handed is play the guiter…im proud to be a lefty because im COOL LIKE THAT:)

  28. Samantha says:

    Happy Left Handers Day fellow Leftys!
    You know what would make this day truly amazing? If those right handers would understand.

    Today was supposed to be a great lefty day, right?
    Well, I tried.
    I was trying to celebrate this awesome day by trying to make my brothers fit into my shoes-er, if thats the saying.
    Anyway, I made my older brother cut with right handed scissors (you know, the “normal” scissors) in his left hand, then his right. Then I explained the different cutting motion, and the reversed blades, which he didnt understand. Of course.
    I showed him this website’s valuable info on lefty scissors, and showed him your lefty scissors video clip. He didn’t get how the scissors made such a difference in either hand. Well, what do you expect from a right hander sometimes 🙁 ?
    My other brother said “Leftys aren’t so special, you know.”
    Then my older wanted me to cut a circle right now. So I did my best, and he was like “Thats not how you do it. You’re exagerating.” Little did he know about lefties! I got so made at both their little “wise mouth” comments about leftys. I’m sick of those comments! Once he called leftys freaks!!!!!!!!! My friend called left handers an “endangered species.”
    Well, I’m the only lefty in my immediate family…what else is new for us leftys.
    I love being left handed…but why don’t people understand us?
    Hopefully my little story was helpful. Though I don;t know how it would be. Well then I hope you cant relate to my story, why would you want to? It’s a bad story of what happened today. I also got in trouble for waking up my little brother by saying “Happy Left Handers Day!”
    Check out the video called “Being Left Handed Sucks” on Youtube. I dislike the name… but the video is so true! It is by CallMeBrobles.
    So…Happy Left Handers Day, guys.
    Enjoy the rest of Our Day.

  29. sophie says:

    I’m almost 19 and a complete leftie! I never managed to play hockey because it wasn’t logical for me to hold the stick backwards. throughout school and college I’ve always been the centre of the left-handed attention, this is because i write almost weird, right handers tell me it’s upside down! Left handed scissors were almost like the lock ness monster! people have heard of them, and some people believe to have seen it, but I never had the use of them. Even now I still have the cutting ability of a much younger person than myself. it annoys me that I was taught to use a computer mouse with my right-hand because they presumed everyone was. although, when I use a laptop I will use my left-hand.
    When it comes to eating, I hold my fork in my left-hand which is right-handed! But using a spoon or a fork alone, I will always use my left hand. Sometimes, I actually forget which hand I hold my cutlery. I can never use tin openers which is very frustrating as i always have to ask someone for me! A strange, I hope it’s not me, but I can’t use nail scissors because they only seem to do them right-handed. It was only until recently I started using nail clippers! It was so embarrassing asking my mum to cut my toes still!

    I have also struggled learning to play an instrument because everyone shows me backwards, it gets a disheartening after a while. I can’t get on with notepads with spiral chords or chains because of the way I write! Very discriminative! I worked in a kitchen for 4 years so I learnt to adapt by peeling away from me but it would be nicer to do things properly!

    we are obviously more intelligent than right-handers, as we learn to do things twice! Rather than doing things the easy way! I have found I’m good at working out a problem by myself and I can multi-task well!

  30. Big Steve says:

    56yo left hander – I can only write with my left hand and prefer to use most tools left-handed as well. Played hockey at primary school so adapted early to RH for sports. As for eating, I have always used a knife and fork the conventional way round – this makes sense to me, as it is the left hand that delivers the food to the mouth. (it can get messy if I do it the other way round!). I always use a spoon with my left hand as well, for the same reason. What does become a problem is when desserts are served up with a spoon and fork – I want to use both in the same hand – Very confusing even now!
    Never had a problem with most RH scissors, unless the handles are moulded at an angle. In general I just wish the manufacturers would make the thumb-holes a bit bigger – scissors are not just for children and women!

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