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135 comments on “Being LH Home
  1. Lizz says:

    Most of my family are left-handed. Kids, parents, grandparents, cousins.. So i understand the difficulties left-handers have in a mainly right-handed world. I have an interest in the research of lefthandedness and always try to raise awareness to it. I also made it a clear topic point during 2years of Teacher Training. Finally just to add to a previous comment by Lynda about her cat, my dog mainly used his left paw to play, step forward and if you asked for his paw, it would always be left!

  2. Candy says:

    My youngest sister and I are both lefties. They tried to change us in school, but it did’nt work. Our middle sister was the only one they managed to get changed, and she always had problems with reading.
    My husband is also a leftie, so we hoped our kids would be, but neither of them was, and our grandsons are all righties, too. Oh well, both sets of our parents were right handed too.

  3. John says:

    In my elementary school days, the practice of “Retraining” was still in effect, but after several unsuccessful attempts to subvert me, my teachers gave up! Now that I am an adult, I tell everyone who isn’t a Leftie that I am Right-handed and they are WRONG-handed.

  4. Cathy says:

    Lefties of the world. Remember this. “Everyone is born right-handed but only the best and brightest over come it!” Proud to be a leftie!

  5. Eva McLeod says:

    I am proud to say that I am left-handed! I was the only one out of 4 children that is left-handed and now all of my Grandsons are left handed. Not a one of my granddaughters are left handed. Growing up I always sat at the end of the table and that way there was no elbow bumping. I was fortunate enough that my parents and grandparents did not try to change me. I know that at school they tried and my family told them not to try to force me. I always know that I am in my right mind at all times.

  6. Rachel Bartholf says:

    Hi! I am sooo proud to be a leftie all my life! I am also glad that none of my teachers never forced me to write with my right hand and the only time was for a science experiement. As part of my honors bio class I had a project that gauged the amount of left handed people and the right handed people and their grades in math and science, and that was interesting to say the least. Despite the questionaire was to be nameless, some did write their names on the paper! I do have an uncle who was forced to write with his right hand due to the nuns in his schools telling him that the Latin word for left was sinister!

  7. Irish Cornaire says:

    As child my da used to try and break me from using my left hand,anytime I picked up my pencil,fork etc he would wack my knuckles with the handle of a butter knife,he would tell me only ignorant stupid people used their left hand,it seems I was the only one on my da and mums side that turned out left handed,today @ 54 yrs of age I do everything left handed except write and that is due to my da tying my left arm behind my back and forcing me to write with my right hand,none of my 4 children turned out left handed so I wonder if any of my grandchildren will.

  8. Cheri says:

    Being left handed is special to me, being the middle child and the only left handed child made it even more special. Learning certain crafts like crochet was somewhat difficult however. My sister-in-law found a unique way to teach me…mirror image…she sat across from me and I copied her in a mirror image sort of way as she demonstrated to me what to do. I have three children, one is left handed, one right handed and one can use either hand equally as well.

  9. Rene' says:

    I am left handed, no one in my family is left handed. I did discover that a distant relative (Great Uncle) whom I never met was left handed. I was hoping that at least one of my children would be left handed but none of them are. It was difficult growing up with people trying to tell me that I shouldn’t write that way. But the more I learned about the great people who were left handed to better I felt. We may be considered a minority but the great people that the world looks up to like Leonardo DaVinci make it worthwhile being in the club!!!

  10. Thanujaya says:

    I just joined the club! I never knew about this day and the club! So finally a group where I can feel myself to be “Normal” with!

  11. aries says:

    hi im from Philippines! happy left hander’s day! im proud to be left handed! we are different!

  12. tom says:

    ! ytfel a eb ot duorP
    Yes, I’m proud because I had to fight ’em every step of the way, from holding spoons as an infant, all the way through school and beyond. Oppression builds strength! And in all fairness, “those others” did open the ambidextrous door… I can now spill soup on my shirt with either hand.

  13. Rita says:

    I am one of eleven kids, I am also the only lefty. I was number 7 in the family, my older brothers and sisters teased me all the time. Even back then, I never let it bother me. Even the four younger kids got into the act of teasing me, still I never let it bother me. In the words of Ole Blue Eyes, “I DID IT MY WAY” Have never or ever will be ashamed of my lefthandedness. AM proud to be a lefty. Sure I make adjustments for different things like utensils, but i still use my left hand.

  14. emilia Italy says:

    Happy and proud to be left handed!!!

  15. Lynda says:

    Hi all you fellow lefties. They never tried to change me and I’m glad of it. I also have a left-handed (or should I say pawed?) cat, I know because he always taps me to get my attention and always with his left paw. So, hi from Red the leftie cat too.

  16. Sumedha says:

    I am Proud to be a left

  17. Gerald Nash says:

    I work in carpentry and noticed that when I have to mark a measurement on a board the numbers are all right side up on every measuring tape I have ever used (since I use the right hand to hold the tape and left hand to mark the board). Does that mean all tapes are left handed? I think it might be the biggest southpaw conspiracy of them all.

  18. yona_afzan says:

    when i was a kid, i always had this problem of eating..i ate with my left hand..back then, my dad was really harsh on me as he scolded me and taught me to use the right hand to eat..hehe, to remember those days were very embarrassing as i cried a lot during eating..

    my classmates used to stare at me on how i write on the book, because they said i hold the pencil in an awkward way..

    now, i don’t use left hand to eat but i will rearrange the cutleries before i have my meal..=)

  19. Amon Ng`etich says:

    hi? am Amon from KENYA(Africa).Iam left handed and am proud of late mum and late Grandpa were Lefthanded lyk me and whenever Iam writing using my left I always remember them.
    Another reason am proud to be left handed is A GOOD NUMBER OF GREAT IN THIS WORLD ARE LEFT HANDED…….. A good example is the USA president Barack Obama is left handed….

  20. up says:

    hi…I am left handed and I am very proud to be one! very pleased to be to know that there are people who are as special as I am.

  21. kevin braddy says:

    i am 1 of 7 kids and i am dam proud to be a molly dooker (left hander) i think being 1 is better than sliced bread

  22. LeeElla says:

    hello, just found out about your club from a magazine article.(parade). went to the site and found some really good articles there. I am a 60 year old african american female, who grew up not knowing a lot of lefties, especially in school. Nice to know that there are more like me out there. I also have a 25 year old granddaughter who is also a lefty. we never tried to change her during her younger years and she turned out just fine. neither did my parents.

  23. Karen says:

    hi,being left handed is normal i think,im the only one in my family who is left handed.sometimes they make fun of me but i do not pay attention to them,sometimes its very hard because you might go to an occasion and to only find out you are the only doing the opposite thing but i enjoy being left handed & im really proud

  24. Karen says:

    i am the middle of three siblings, and i’m the only lefy out of us three. my nan (god rest her soul), was left handed and my son is, too.
    i have a friend who’s niece is also lfet handed, though no one in her family (and i mean no one!) is left handed.

    i can honestly say that i was never forced to use my right hand, when i was at primary school. i did once ask my dad why i was left handed. he told me that he encouraged me to use my left hand, once he realised i wanted to use that hand.

    the majority of lefties actually use the mouse in their right hand. i know of three lefties who do so. my friend’s sister in law, his niece, and my son. i use the mouse in my left hand, cos to me, that feels right and proper. i even switched the buttons over.

    • david says:

      I’m glad to see that I’m not the only leftie who uses his right hand for the mouse. I tried it in my left hand, but it felt awkward.

  25. rajanikanth puli says:

    in child hood my parents stress me to go for right, but god grace iam always lefty

  26. Choonlooi says:

    I used to have two different sets of handwriting in kindergarten in Malaysia where I was born and raised because I would switch back and forth from left hand to right hand …. right hand when the teacher was facing me and left hand when she turned the other way. Very stressful. Luckily, by primary school, I used my left hand even though weirdly enough, the primary and secondary schools were run by nuns. Go figure… I do say though that the principal Sister Aidan was a ‘modern’ nun, not a strict one. She understood.
    My daughter is left handed too. Yay!

  27. Anuja says:

    hi…I am left handed and I am very proud to be one! Orthodox society in India did wish to change my ways, but my parents love me for my identity and were supportive to raise me up as a leftie! Nowadays, the orthodox views against left-handedness are changing and we should be extremely pleased about that. I wish all parents of left-handed children retain their kids as lefties, and avoid harming the child’s identity, as left-handedness when changed, causes suppression of intelligence that lefties are born with and loss of confidence and also, a feeling of lost identity.

    • Dhiren says:

      You are right Anuja.. i also faced that problem when i was in my childhood..My relatives force me for doing every work from right hand but still i using my left hand for every work,, even taking food, drinking water, writing, in temples for pooja, also in my job when i use multimeter, DSO, CRO or keyboard and mouse in PC. I feel i am something different from others and i sure every left handed person has unique and special quality.

  28. Teresa says:

    I’m left handed, so is my Mom. I remember practicing writing as a child, and I said this isn’t right I moved my pencil from my left hand to my right hand. My Mom asked why did you do that? I said the teacher told me to write with this hand (right). My Mom took me to school the next day to talk with my teacher. Needless to say the teacher didn’t ask me to change hands again. LOL My Mom always said Everyone is born right handed only a few of us over come it. LOL

  29. tonniette says:

    I am the youngest of 3 children,we all have different fathers and all are lefties.Mom says that none of our dads were left-handed and she did not use her left hand.Years ago it was not if you wished to switch to your right hand,they just made you do it…I hold firm in my belief that mom was a leftie who was changed and so I believe that it is passed from parent to child.
    My brother is gone(nuns forced him to change)my sister now uses both(nuns changed her too)and I refused to be changed,though they tried.
    I also believe that as people are not forcing lefties to change the way they once did that our numbers will only go up.

  30. kushoto says:

    Hi, am left-handed and very pleased to be to know that there are people who are as special as I am. am an African male from Kenya and for long ave been told that it is wrong to use the left hand to eat and that my handwriting was so poor. I have also found it difficult to follow my dream of being a guitar player since there are no left-handed Guitars in the Kenyan market among other things that are left pleased to be a friend of other lefties like you.I have started a Left handed movement here in Kenya And we are receiving a lot of positive feedback from lefties, it is amazing to realize that we are so many…

    • Samuel Waithaka says:

      Kushoto, you’re from Kenya (your name caught me first – ‘left’ in Swahili), you play the guitar, I thought I made this post :)…
      I took time to learn to play guitar but I’m glad I learned playing right handed coz I find my strong hand on the fretboard an advantage.
      My dad’s left handed, he talked to the teacher when I joined school as a child not to force me to use right. That’s what happened to him back in their days and it was not pleasant.

    • yona_afzan says:

      hi Kushoto..

      i’m very much interested with your dream to become a guitar first, maybe it’s a bit hard to play left handed but after a while, everything’s gonna be just you own the me..=)

      i wanted to play guitar so badly when i was a kid, but my brother refused to teach me as i’m so leftie..that’s what he said..

      but, i taught myself and with the help of friends, youtube and yeay, i’ve achieved my childhood dream on the age of 23..

      so, never give up on your dream and it’s not POSSIBLE..^_^♥

      • yona_afzan says:

        sorry kushoto..

        i realized that i’ve got typing error there..

        actually, it’s not IMPOSSIBLE ..=)

        sorry for my mistakes..have fun learning to play guitar..=)

    • Gerald Nash says:

      I also play right handed. I wanted to play ever since I was a little boy and when I was about twelve years old I went to work to buy myself a guitar. The only one I could afford was right handed and I have been playing that way ever since. I tried plating left handed a few times, but with the right being my fret hand I had immediate coordination problems. I have been playing for over 20 years and I will say that I do have problems at times finding the proper strumming pattern with my right.

      Kushoto, if you were discouraged to be left handed in your country, maybe it will give you a bit of an advantage to learning how to play right handed. I have many brothers and sisters and most are right handed so I learned a great deal of right handed techniques, from working in factories with right handed set-ups to throwing a curveball and slider.

      Jimi Hendrix was left handed. He would play guitar upside down. He flipped the nut and strings over. That might also be an option for you.

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