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Ballpoints, Rollerballs and Gel pens

Lefthanders can have problems with smudging their writing because their left hand is pushing the pen across the page and can rub over what has just been written. This can be avoided with the correct writing style and pen grip – ideally the hand should be held below the writing line.   However, a lot of lefthanders have adopted styles where theit hand does go straight over their work and in those cases a fast-drying, non-smudge ink is a great help.

Cartridge pens with traditional nibs use water-based inks and work by putting a flow of ink into the page.   This can easily be smudged, but the suituation can be improved by using a finer nib that does not deposit a thick line of ink and by using a fast-drying ink.

Another solution is to use a ball-point or rollerball pen.

Ball point pens use a viscous, or thick, oil-based ink.   They need firm pressure to write on the page and can tend to skip and leave gaps in the writing line

Stabilo left handed pensRollerball pens are very similar but use a thinner, water-based ink that flows more easily and means you need less pressure to write with them.   There is a wider range of colours available with water-based inks and because a thicker layer of ink is depostited they write with a bolder line than a ballpoint.

Because more ink is used in writing, rollerballs can run our quicker than ballpoints and originally were easily smudged.   However, newer inks are now being made that are much faster drying and virtually non-smudge .

Stabilo non smudge gel pensRollerballs can also use gel based inks and are known as Gel Pens.   The pigment for the colour is suspended in a water-based gel and can give even more and bolder colurs than the rollerball ink as well as special effects like pastel colours for writing on dark surfaces, metallic and glitter effects.   The gel ink can feel smoother when writing and is less likely to skip and leave gaps.

Stabilo have produced a range of rollerball and gel pens with specially designed left handed grips and also produce a range of rollerball and gel pens with fast drying non-smudge inks that are ideal if you tend to smudge your writing.

Left handed cartridge pen and ballpoint setAnd if you do want a traditional ballpoint, we have them in sets with our left-handed cartridge pens

The best thing you can do is practice a correct writing style and grip that avoids smudging altogether, but if that is not comfortable, using any of these non-smudge pens should be a big help.

Videos on left handed writing challenges and solutions


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One comment on “Ballpoints, Rollerballs and Gel pens
  1. Lynda says:

    I was so pleased when I read the reviews on your non smudge pens and ordered straight away thinking we had found the answer to my son’s constant smudging. However having received the pens, my son’s school must use different paper to everyone else as the pens smudge just as much as all the other ones we’ve tried. We have even tried writing a word and leaving for a few seconds before continuig to write and there is still smudging. How disappointing.

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