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Backwards calendar – Sunday position

We have just released our free Backwards Calendar for 2013 and you can download it here

Backwards calendar for lefthanders

I have had an email about the positioning of Sunday in the calendar – we put it at the end of the week which is normal in the UK but Bob S for AZ, USA says:

I just downloaded a copy of the LH Calendar 2013.  I've never had one before, and it may be a challenge to use.  But I would highly recommend for future copies to move Sunday to the far right.  If one wants to read a calendar from right to left, having Sunday where it is located creates confusion that is not necessary.

If there is a demand for a version of the calendar with Sunday starting the week I will produce one – please add your comments to this post and we will see.

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One comment on “Backwards calendar – Sunday position
  1. Charles Augrom says:

    I agree with Bob S.. For USA lefties move Sunday to the far right.

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