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Back to school

September sees the start of the new school year and lefties of all ages are stocking up on study essentials. Here are some links to the most relevant sections of our online shop for you to have a browse through:

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6 comments on “Back to school
  1. tim lee says:

    At my seven year old sons school in manchester england, all the computer mice are locked off in right handed mode, the school refuses point blank to allow left handed children the option of a using a mouse left handed, lets hope he doesnt want to be a graphic designer when he gets older !! Seriously if anyone knows how to get round the school system id be interested to hear.

    • Amanda says:

      Tim, it’s actually a good thing to be able to mouse right handed. By mousing right handed, your son can take notes with his left hand and mouse with the right. That way he doesn’t have to stop what his doing, pick up his pencil, write something down, and repeat the process 50 million times. He can work with both hands.

      • Grace says:

        I agree with Amanda, it is great to be able to use the mouse on the right side and dail the phone etc with my lf. And to let everyone know Southern California LA county Public school Does not start this year till SEPT, 13….. yes I said September 13 and they let out a week early last school semester… So the kids have had almost 4 months off.

  2. David Irthum says:

    I can remember that when I started Elementary School in New Orleans,La.,USA. The schools did not open until the first in September due to the schools then were not air conditioned. Now since all the schools now have central air conditioning they opened on the 23rd of August.

  3. Char says:

    School year started August 23rd in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas.

    Has anyone ever wondered why it is so hard to find a left-handed keyboard with a “mirror image” keypad?…I mean, Bill Gates (I know, I know MicroSoft is a Software company not a hardware company) is left-handed…hasn’t he EVER wanted a left-handed keyboard??? or does he just hunt and peck?

    I have found only one such left-handed keyboard for sale but it is close to $100 US and is German/English and made for use with a MAC; it is an end of run lot being sold “as is”. The manufacturer says that except for the Apple hot keys, the keyboard will work with windows. I didn’t want to take the chance, not for $100.

    I did recently buy a “half-mirror” left-handed keyboard (the “enter”, “+”, “-“, “*”, and “NumLock” keys were all flipped…they neglected to flip the 0-9 keys and decimal point. I am now learning to key all over again…telling my mind that 1,4,7 are hit with the ring finger and 3, 6, 9 are done with the index finger. Oh, and the remarkable thing about this left-handed keyboard is the price $22 US. The QWERTY board is also configured in what they call an “A” shape so your fingers don’t reach as far to strike and don’t get tired as fast. You can find it on-line at or

    But seriously, why can’t someone make a TRUE (mirror-imaged) left-handed keyboard for Windows machines at a reasonable price????

  4. duncan baird says:

    “September sees the start of the new school year…”
    Where? Everywhere?
    Not even in the whole of the UK: in Scotland, the schools have been back for 2 weeks already.

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