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Things that are awkward for left-handers at Christmas

As we were putting together some fantastic offers to kick off the Christmas season here at Anything Left-Handed, we got to thinking: What are some of the traditional Christmas activities that are sometimes made difficult for left-handers?

Here are our ideas so far:

  • Christmas cards opening the right-handed way. Except of course for our Christmas cards (pictured) that open right-to-left!
  • Carving the turkey – without a proper left-handed knife, the cutting edge in on the wrong side for a left-hander, making it difficult to carve well.
  • Banging elbows as you eat your Christmas dinner (especially as there are normally more people round the table for Christmas so it is a bit of a squash in the first place)
  • Smudging your messages on cards and gift tags
  • Lots of extra awkward kissing starting on the wrong cheek (see our article on left-handed kissing here)
  • Trying to cut wrapping paper with right-handed scissors.
  • Table laid out the wrong way with cutlery back to front (or at least the spoon turned the wrong way) and all the glasses on the right (wrong!) side.

So there are our ideas – let us know yours by adding comments below.

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3 comments on “Things that are awkward for left-handers at Christmas
  1. Pat Smith says:

    I don’t know if left-handed people are more or less likely than right-handed people to be involved in the “coloring for adults” trend, but for those who enjoy the activity, there is a new book out that does have the pictures-to-be-colored on the LEFT side of each spread. (The book is a compilation of advice from famous Left-handers.) I won’t mention the name of the book as I just joined the site and am not certain if that’s allowed–I’ll check back in a couple of days to see if there’s a reply.

    But as a general comment: coloring can be a very soothing pastime, and it’s nice to see a book specifically designed for left-handers!

  2. Anjo says:

    making a good tete de moine cheese curl is out of the question. Good thing to add to the shop if there are any with a 2-sided curler?

  3. Janglen says:

    Another thing is putting cards in their envelopes upside down! I only realised I did this when I saw my right-handed sister open a card I gave her, and she had to flip the card the right way up. (I slot in the card with my left hand, but she takes it out with her right)

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