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Left-handed items jigsaw puzzle

Are you good at doing puzzles?   We have been doing some jigsaw puzzles at home during the lockdown here in the UK and it seems like a lot of other people are as well. That got me thinking… I have always seemed to be good at doing puzzles and

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Left-handed EASYgraph pencils from Stabilo

We like Stabilo in Germany because they often consider us left-handers when creating their wide range of writing products and have a history of producing special left-handed versions.   We have produced our own Left-Handed Pencils for many years, with our slogan “It’s a left-handed thing….you wouldn’t understand”, printed so

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Left-handedness and work choices

We were asked recently whether there are any links between being left-handed and the job people do.  We did a survey on this a while back and also saw a recent article on it by Clare Porac (author of Laterality: Exploring the enigma of left-handedness). The scientific rationale connecting handedness

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Getting your left-handed pen started

We sometimes get enquiries from people who are having trouble getting the ink flow in their new cartridge pen going. This is a typical one from Liz M… Hi my recent order has just been received. I can’t get the Pelikano Junior cartridge pen to work. The ink is going

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Follow LeftHandersClub on Twitter

Twitter now has over 175 Million subscribers and receives over 100 Million Tweets per day and it has become an great way to keep up with what is going on with other people and organisations you are interested in. Basically, you can make “mini-posts” of up to 140 characters called

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Left handed pencils

Some years ago we got fed up with the fact that all pencils are printed for right-handers and if you hold them in your left hand the slogan or other printing is upside down. We have found a manufacturer who can produce left handed pencils for us with our own

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Left handed meat mincer?

Request from Marilyn: I was very disappointed to find that you do not sell a meat mincer for us lefties. I can only assume that such a product does not exist as I have looked on many websites but they are all made for righties as the handle always turns

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Infants & Left-handedness

Question from   Left Handers Club member Celina: First I want to start by saying thank-you for this newsletter dedicated to our unique attribute of left-handedness. I find it very informative and enjoyable. I was wondering if you have any information and/or research on infants and hand preference. How early

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Update on changing left-handers to right

Wow – this was a topic that generated a lot of interest. We have had over 150 comments left on the original article and more than 25,000 words written by members about their experiences. Here are a few extracts to give you a good flavour of the typical feedback: As

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Suggestions for newsletter content

We produced a short survey in our October 2010 newsletter asking members about their preferences for the newsletter format and frequency.   You can see the results of that and the comments we received here, but we also got some suggestions for future subjects to cover.   We will be

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