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Left-handers in Asia

We often get messages from club members around the world telling us about their experiences and how left-handers are treated in their country. We were recently shown an article about how left-handedness is seen in Asian countries and how it is largely suppressed in a lot of places. In South

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Do you hang your clothes left-handed?

There are all sorts of things that we do “our” way without realising that it is different. Someone pointed out to me recently that all the clothes in my wardrobe were hanging the “wrong” way (a right-hander of course), but I had never really thought about it. All my shirts

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Using Coupon Codes to get a discount

A Coupon Code is a series of letters and numbers, for example ABC2,   that you can enter into the box in our Shopping Cart to get a discount on your order.   Members of the Left-Handers Club receive coupon codes for discounts on a regular basis in our monthly

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How do you write a letter X?

Lefthanders form some letters in a different direction to right-handers because it is easier to move the pen left-handed in an anti-clockwise or right-to-left motion – it gives a smoother flow and minimises scratching and digging-in of the tip. It is also easier to draw lines towards you rather than

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Hidden dalmatian dog and lefthanders

Because their brains are organized differently (usually with the right side of the brain controlling the dominant left hand), left-handers see and think differently to right-handers. As a result, we can get some very different results from various “brain tests”, usually doing very well on tests that involve creative thinking

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Anything Left-Handed Catalogue

We know a lot of people prefer to see a “proper” catalogue rather than browsing through web pages, so we have produced a 10-page version of our catalogue that you can either flick through online like a book or you can print to see offline or pass on to other

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Are breastfed babies less likely to be left-handed?

We have seen a number of newspapers reporting recently on some research that was published in December 2018. As is often the case, the reporting is a bit sensationalist, drawing conclusions that are not really there in the underlying research results. The report is headlined:Babies who are bottle-fed are

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Left-handed calligraphy – Quills

Did you know that left-handed quills were used in the Middle Ages? And that feathers for left-handed quills come from the right wing of the bird? You can see a short video about it and how to make your own quills here: Or you can make it a lot easier

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How to create a gift order

Choosing one of our specially designed left-handed items as a gift for family or friends will not only give them real benefits but also show you have noticed they are left-handed and thought about it enough to choose a gift that is really helpful for them.   If you want

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