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Are lefthanders better at puzzles?

We were contacted recently by a company that produces visual puzzles because their analysis was showing that left-handers were better at solving them than right-handers. They found that left handed people scored higher AND also were more adept at finding the hidden items that have proven overall to be more ‘difficult'. This would indicate that they are better at these puzzles and excel in more ‘difficult' tasks.

There a 5 quite hard puzzles in the test and you have to find an unusual object in a complicated pattern and click it with your mouse as fast as you can (45 seconds max).   Left-handers scored an average of 2.5, whereas right-handed people scored an average of 2.1 (lefthanders nearly 20% better!). We also found that although the time taken to find the image fluctuated, the images that have proven to be most difficult (frog in the lilypads and the umbrella in the ostriches) were found faster by left-handers by an average of 2.8 seconds. We could infer from this that the most difficult tasks were completed faster by those who favour their left-hand.

Well, we couldn't resist giving it a go!  Try it yourself and the company that produced it are going to keep track of the scores on this page (you don't need to enter an email or any personal data, it is all anonymous).  Let's see if we can get a higher than average result for us lefties 🙂



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3 comments on “Are lefthanders better at puzzles?
  1. Richard says:


  2. Mark Phillips says:

    interesting I want to try again

  3. Dr. Billy Levin says:

    Lefties have a better visual mechanical right brain to puzzles better

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