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Animoto slideshow videos

We have been playing with a new online service that converts your pictures, text and video clips into really smart videos – it is called Animoto and works really well.   You just upload your pictures, choose from their music and design templates and it produces the video for you.

Here is one we made earlier about pencil grips:


We thought it might be fun for other lefties to have a go at this and see what you can create on the theme of “Being Left-Handed” – create a video and send us the link to it and we will create a gallery of the best ones.

Click here to create your video on Animoto free

  1. Register for a free account
  2. Choose your theme
  3. Upload some images or video clips (best to prepare first so they are all ready in a folder on your computer)
  4. Add some text slides
  5. Choose your music
  6. Go!

After a few minutes your video will be created   and Animoto will email you a link to it – if you are happy with it, send us the link (click here to use our contact form – just paste the link on the Sharing page of the toolbox in your message and send it) – if not, just edit and remix again until you are!

If you would like us to include your video in our gallery, please send the embed code as well (copy from the embed item in the Animoto toolbox for that video).

You can make as many videos as you like (they don't have to be left-handed) and there are good tools for sharing and embedding your videos on your web pages, blogs, social sites etc.

We think Animoto is fun and works really well.   If you have got any better ways of creating exciting videos like this, let us know by commenting below and we will have a look at them.

Have fun!

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9 comments on “Animoto slideshow videos
  1. Bene says:

    @athy lacy: I taught my Left-handed grand-daughter to knit by sitting facing her so she could see it ‘back-to-front’ and she hugely enjoyed knitting. She began making a small rug [to help her dexterity] with her right hand, and changed to her left, and that worked well. crochet we haven’t tried – but the ‘hooking’ movement is similar in a way to the rug-hook.
    For her, a lot of encouragement is needed, as people have told her she is ‘slow’ because writing was awkward, or she had to think an action through to make it left-handed…She’s now 11. Have others found ways to encourage left-handers?

  2. athy Lacy says:

    About adating to a right handed world. I use my computer mouse with my righthanded. A colleague in my last job was also a lefty and she couldn’t use her mouse unless it was set up for a left hander. she got very angry when the last person to use the computer (we desk shared) had left it in a right handed fashion!

    I learned to knit at the age of 6 in a right handed fashion, but when it came to crochet in my twenties, I taught myself to do it left handed and held the hook in a very different way to other crochet users. What do other lefty knitters or crocheters do (is this the right word?)

    • Katy says:

      athy Lacy
      I was taught to knit at infant school (in the olden days everyone was taught knitting – even some boys) and it had to be right-handed, no allowances made for being a lefty. I have tried to knit left-handed but my brain can’t work out how. I was taught to crochet by a rightie who sat in front of me and I copied everything she did mirror style. It worked wonderfully. Maybe if I had been taught knitting the same way I would be knitting left-handed now??
      Re computers. Who says we have to adapt to a right handed world? My home pc has the program installed from Anything LeftHanded, where if my daughters want to use my pc when they visit all they need to do is press a few keys. My pc at work is a roaming profile so when I change sites and log in it is instantly left handed. Maybe other people who hot desk can ask the techies to try it on their profiles? It’s worth a try.

    • joyful says:

      Hi Lacy – I taught myself to knit – left handed but cannot crochet…………..
      I use the computer mouse on the left hand side of the keyboard and as you say one just ‘adapts’ to the ‘normal’ right-handed world. Sometimes I find it difficult to press the flush on the right of the toilet and to open and close some doors but I have managed to survive in this right-handed environment for eighty years now. I was a Guide Leader and a Cub Scout and Beaver Scout Leader and teaching right handed children to tie knots was rather difficult – I was over-joyed whenever one told me that they were left handed.
      Now I find it a good excuse – if I do anmything wrong I just say ‘”O I’m left-handed!”

  3. Bene says:

    This is a terrific illustration: it looks – IS – thoroughly professional, and very convincing. Would you like to do a ‘still photo’ showing the layout you used, before filming / uploading began? also could you say what you used to record your clip about the pencil – what kind of camera, etc I have an iMac, and wonder if the small built-in camera would be adequate for a short clip [obviously this would involve face shots, not hands] and record a voice too. would love to do something using this computer, with my Left-handed child.

  4. Mike Poisson says:

    I have lived for many years in an invironment of a right-handed worls. I am the only left-handed family member, including nieces and nephews. I always had hopes that each time a new baby arrived, that they would be left handed. But alas, no such luck.

    I’ve learned to adapt to right handed tools, like scissors. My Grandmother bought me a pair of left-handed scissors, and I was unable to use them as I became accustomed to using right handed scissors.

    Left-handers adapt very well to the right-handed world. I feel so fortunate to have found your site.

    MIke Poisson
    From the left coast living on the right coast of the U.S.

  5. Prashant says:

    Just to add one point. My name is Prashant and not Prasahnt

  6. Prasahnt says:

    Hi All
    I am lefty. I am proud to be lefty. I am happy to see such club.
    If any obne would like to contact me jsut for social purpose please feel free to contact

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