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Anything Left-Handed Catalogue

Left-Handed Products Catalog

We know a lot of people prefer to see a “proper” catalogue rather than browsing through web pages, so we have produced a 10-page version of our catalogue that you can either flick through online like a book or you can print to see offline or pass on to other people. There is also a printed order form that you can fill out and either post or take a picture of / scan and email to us.

Click here to download the Catalogue as a PDF file for printing

Click here to see the Left-Handed Products Catalogue as a full screen Flip Book

Here is a preview video of the catalogue…

When you are viewing the catalogue as a “Flip Book” you can click on the printer icon at the bottom of the page to download the catalogue as an Adobe PDF file that you can then print.

ALH Printable Calatog


Click this link to open the Catalogue PDF file directly

and you can then print it yourself.

Anything Left-Handed offline order form

If you just want a printed order form that you can use to send us your order rather than completing it using our online checkout…

Click this link to open the one-page order for as an Adobe PDF file to print

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One comment on “Anything Left-Handed Catalogue
  1. Sue Knight says:

    Why is the catalogue in a right-handed book? It would have been so much better if you printed it in the left-handed style.

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