Victorinox left handed swivel peeler

Victorinox left handed swivel peeler
The handle shape makes this ideally suited to left-hand use. A high quality item from Victorinox with a sharp steel blade and supplied in a printed box.

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Customer Reviews

    A must for any left handed cook. Carrots and potatoes can be peeled in no time without waste. It fits comfortably in the hand. Great wee gadget.  (07/03/2011) Roberta Hutchinson - Northern Ireland

  A fab peeler to race through the veg with  I love this peeler, it's so comfortable to hold and is so easy to use that peeling takes a fraction of the time it used to. No longer to I feel at a disadvantage being a left hander in the kitchen.   (09/12/2009) Jen Muir - Arbroath, Scotland

    I bought this for my sister's bday, she loves it and the big handle. Awesome   (20/11/2014) Emily - Mandurah West Australia

  Fab, and not just for left handers  I bought this for my mum, and she loves it. My dad who is not left handed also loves it, so may have to buy another to stop any arguments!   (05/08/2010) -

  great product  after using this peeler I don't ever want to go back to right handed peelers. Life is new! Thanks.   (07/11/2011) -

  Excellent!  Very useful, I managed to make mash for the first time without injuring myself! Quite an achievement, will be recommending it to as many left handers as i can find :D.   (09/09/2010) - Bradford

  Simply the best!  Not only is the handle extremely user friendly, the quality of this product is also excellent! I managed to lose one of these (probably went out with the potato skins) and immediately ordered two more, because the normal peeler I was using in the mean time just caused me stress!   (01/08/2010) Sarah - Belgium

  Fantastic product  I use this lefty potato peeler all the time! It is great. It has a nice smooth action and is very comfortable to use. Since it can also be used to peel apples, carrots, cucumbers and kiwi fruit etc - it is a very handy gadget to have in any self-respecting lefty kitchen!   (07/01/2009) NS -

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