Tin can left handed pencil sharpener

Tin can left handed pencil sharpener
Left handed pencil sharpener in aluminium can style with reversed design so sharpener is held in the right hand and the pencil held in the left and turned anti-clockwise - the natural motion for a lefthander. With 2 holes to take both standard and oversize pencils.


Ref: 37F

Customer Reviews

  great sharpener  ordered for my left handed daughter. great item, made a simple thing that was so hard to for her to do easy. great that it holds the shavings inside and has holes for large and small diameter pencils.  (13/11/2011) pauline - essex

  pencil sharpener  Very good, use it all the time, find the larger hole easier than the smaller but it will sharpen pencils of all sizes.   (06/12/2013) -

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I have just purchased a 2 hole pencil sharpener with case and used it to sharpen my pencils including my Quilting pencils. I just cannot believe the difference it makes. I can now obtain a beautiful sharp point without breakage. Thank you so much.<

Maureen Freeman

I am most impressed by your efficiency and would highly recommend you.

D Townsend

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