T Pattern corkscrew

T Pattern corkscrew
Traditional design with beech wood handle and, of course, a left-hand twist! New design spiral is the same as the professional waiter's corkscrew. Make opening your bottles a pleasure by turning the corkscrew in your natural direction. Leave it laying around for right-handers to use (or not!) and they will see the difficulty you normally face.

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Customer Reviews

  Left Handed Corkscrew  I bought this for our New Years Eve party and left it out near the wine bottles without mentioning the fact that all the "righties" there wouldnt be able to use it !I didn't see anyone but I know a couple of people tried it and kept quiet because they didn't want to look daft, Lefty Revenge :o)   (10/03/2011) Julie - West Yorkshire

  Left Handed Corkscrew - review 2 from Julie  Just to say that I tried the corkscrew and it works a dream, not for the rightie in our house though, I still havent told my partner its left handed ! !   (10/03/2011) Julie - West Yorkshire

  Much easier for left-handers  Another really useful item. My left-handed son couldn't work out "normal" corkscrews. This is great for him.   (24/05/2011) Kim Quance - West Midlands

  Speed  Get my bottle of wine quicker now from my favourite wine bar.   (29/02/2012) -

  great item  such a simple item, but such a huge step for a left handed person.   (21/05/2011) -

  a very useful addition to your range  .having a lefthanded corkscrew m\akes it so much easier to remove a cork for a lefthanded person .I thought that the actual screw is a bit on the flimsy side.   (04/03/2011) -

  lefty corkscrew  Reasonable price for this and works well. I was the one who suggested to the original owners in Beak Street off Golden Square to put a pin in the shaft as it will not work without the pin.   (16/11/2012) -

  instrument of vengeance!  Funny how so many left handers want to get their revenge on right handers. And why not! Leaving it by wine bottles and watching right handers struggle is quite satisfying. But apart from that, a very practical tool. Ironically, took a while to adjust to it after years of ordinary corkscrews!   (29/02/2012) Suej - Gloucestershire

  Needed a leverage point  Lovely design except it needs a point of leverage to remove the cork or risk wine everywhere as the cork flies out.   (03/02/2013) Alex - Rutland
Our Reply: This is a simple T-Pattern model - if you want more leverage try our new waiter corkscrew that has a 2-position lever to easily remove corks http://www.anythinglefthanded.co.uk/acatalog/waiters-corkscrew.html

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I never believed it would make such a difference and how much fun I can have by getting my right-handed friends to try to use this corkscrew<

Bob S, London

Thanks for adding this to my order for me at the last minute - It arrived in time for the party and was a huge success :)

Jane, New York

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