Left handed tin opener with geared rotary action

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Left handed tin opener with geared rotary action

High quality stainless steel mechanism Geared wheels lock onto the can Precision action makes handle easy to turn The cutting wheel locks easily onto the can Comfortable to hold and easy to use Left handed tin opener with geared rotary action Left handed tin opener with geared rotary action Left handed tin opener with geared rotary action Left handed tin opener with geared rotary action Left handed tin opener with geared rotary action
A good quality left-handed tin opener with roller cutter and geared action for easy opening. Positioned on the left side of the tin and turned with the left-hand in a natural motion for left-handers. Plastic moulded handles and stainless steel head parts.

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Customer Reviews

  TIN OPENER  I a well pleased with y purchase. ANYTHING, to overcome the the dificulties of living in a RIGHT-HANDED WORLD. It operates well, is of quality workanship and material. Who can NOT be happy with a Two FOR One bargain..  (18/11/2010) Art Chapin - Brownville Nebraska, USA

  Very good.  A present for my daughter, she describes it as excellent and is delighted with it. Sturdy construction and good quality. She wouldn't be without it and can't believe that, until now, she struggled with(and,in frustration, broke several) right hand tin openers.   (18/11/2010) Martyn Jones - Monmouth

  A gift with two objectives  Four of the left handed tin openers were purchased to give to left handed friends. This for two purposes. The obvious one, for their personal use. Second, for them to hand to right handed acquaintances so they could appreciate what it is to be left handed in a right handed world.   (18/11/2010) Tom Rich - Melbourne, Australia

  LHC does it again!  This is a first for me. I opened a can in one go!! Thanks guys,this is great.   (18/11/2010) Maurie Roche - Margaret River West Australia

    Bit of difficulty negotiating very small tins, but otherwise a first class, well-made tin opener which makes life much easier for lefties.   (29/11/2010) Carol Guise - Lichfield

  A great Improvement!  Wonderful gadget - a great help after years of struggling with a right handed can opener.   (04/03/2011) -

  value for money  excellent value tin opener and delivery was super fast even in the run up to christmas.   (04/03/2011) david hogan - tredegar

    This opener works very well. I had a hard time with right handed openers but find this very easy. I reccommend it very much   (05/03/2011) Marilyn Vossler - Texas USA

  Wonderful.  It's wonderful to finally use a correctly configured can (sorry, tin) opener after all these years. Even more fun is watching my right-impaired family members attempt to use it.   (05/03/2011) Jim S. - USA

  Very good product, has helped a lot  I ordered the lefthanded can opener for my grandson who is at university in Norwich. He had a lot of trouble opening cans, and I don't know why I never thought of it before. He is very pleased with the product and has made life easier in the kitchen. Thank you.   (07/03/2011) Kevin R -

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