Pelikano Junior cartridge pen

Pelikano Junior cartridge pen
A bright, sturdy version of our best-selling Pelikano, with a less delicate nib unit for younger writers, a rubber grip and name tags to keep it safe!

This pen is supplied with a single large ink cartridge and for refills can take either those or the smaller 38mm half size cartridge - put a spare inside the barrel upside down to keep the live one in place and be available if you run out of ink.

***Product no longer available ***

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Customer Reviews

  Amazing!  I bought this pen and it makes my writing neater than with any other pen. Don't hesitate to buy it. :)  (07/08/2011) -

  Fabulous Pen  I purchased this pen for my daughter starting high school. She Loves it! Easy to use and write with and improved her handwriting. The design is pitched right for her age and loves the choice of colours. Thanks   (19/11/2014) -

  I love this pen!!!  I told a relative to buy it for me. I love writing with cartridge pens, so I used my father's righthanded one, and it turned out to be a nightmare! But this one, despite my age (13 years old), turned out to be the best fountain pen in the world! Pity I couldn't find large-sized cartridges!!!   (11/02/2010) -

  my son loves this pen    (04/03/2011) -

  great!  My 10 year old absolutely loves this pen. Thanks!   (04/03/2011) -

  Fantastic!  This is the second of these pens my son has had and I cannot tell you how pleased he is. His writing is incredibly neat for a left-handed, fountain pen user and all of his teachers comment on this!   (09/09/2010) -

  MY SON LOVES THIS PEN....  At my son's school their writing has to be neat, joined up at all times before they are allowed to use a fountain pen, he was so chuffed when he got his pen licence that we immediately ordered this pen for him and he was so thrilled and the quality is the best we have seen, even some of the really e   (07/04/2011) Tracy Hill - Stourbridge

  Helped my son to write much better.  This is the third pen I have bought like this for my son he really finds it helps him with his writing, my husband borrowed it and thought it was amazing i will have to buy him a senior version for Christmas!   (09/09/2010) -

  Finally My Own Pen!  Nice tuo use and an addional bonus included - VERY HARD to use if you are wrong.. ee.. right handed! ;-) A real bargain - do not hesitate to order!   (02/03/2012) Ike Seaspray - Finland

  AWESOME PEN!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am the mother of a 11 year old child who has terrible, terrible handwriting. Here in HK, there is none of these left hand pens so I decided to order them online. After my child used them she got a certificate saying "handwriting improved overnight! Good Job" She is now very proud. Thanks!   (20/04/2011) Mandy Carriewood - Hong Kong

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Thank you also for the swift flexibility of service. My son will be 'well-impressed' when he receives his turquoise cartridges with the matching pen to put them in.<

Michelle Giddings

I am most impressed by your efficiency and would highly recommend you.

D Townsend

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