Left Handers Discovery Set (33.3% Off)


Order any two or more of our Left Handed Products Sets and get an additional 10% discount off the price of each.

Left Handers Discovery Set (33.3% Off)

Left Handers Discovery Set (33.3% Off) Left Handers Discovery Set (33.3% Off) Left Handers Discovery Set (33.3% Off) Left Handers Discovery Set (33.3% Off) Left Handers Discovery Set (33.3% Off) Left Handers Discovery Set (33.3% Off) Left Handers Discovery Set (33.3% Off) Left Handers Discovery Set (33.3% Off)
Normally 32.65 - special offer for left handers day - SAVE 1/3rd - reduced to just 21.75 each this special offer lets you discover the real benefits of using properly designed left-handed products.

Watch our short video to find out what the products in this set could do for you!

The "essential" equipment for a safe and easy left-handed life and to show your friends and family what is different about left-handed products. Fully left-handed versions of our most popular products.

Set includes:
  • Left handed general purpose scissors with fully reversed blades so you can see your cutting line and get a clean cut (code 819)
  • Left handed tin opener with geared rotary action, hold in your right and turn with your left (code 94K)
  • Left handed swivel blade peeler, peel towards your body with your left hand (code 332)
  • T pattern left handed corkscrew with anti-clockwise screw, turn in your natural direction with your left hand (code 67)
  • Pack of 5 lead pencils printed in the left-handed direction with our slogan "It's a left handed thing... You wouldn't understand!" (code 38B)
  • 2-hole left handed pencil sharpener with case, hold the sharpener in your right hand and turn the pencil in a natural direction with your left (code 790)
  • Clear plastic left handed ruler 6" / 15cm ruler scaled from right to left for easy measuring of lines in your natural left-handed direction (code 767)
  • Lefthander's notepad with the pages glued on the right so you can tear them off easily when writing left-handed, 60 pages A6 size 100mm x 150mm (4 in X 6 in) (code 257)

The products are packed in a good quality zip seal clear bag with an insert giving full product details and this set makes an ideal present.
You can see more details on the individual products included in this set by clicking on the "Related Products" links below.

Why not get even better value?

Left Handers Ultimate Discovery SetWhile you are paying for delivery anyway, why not upgrade to our Ultimate Discovery Set to get another 5 essential items and have all the things you need for a left-handed life! The Ultimate Set gives a saving of 22% compared to the individual item prices, only £63.85 for the whole set!
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Customer Reviews

  ABSOLUTELY GREAT!  I have already forwarded this email to all my LH friends (and friends who have LH children and/or spouses). Great quality items and so great to use. The price is really great and well worth it...the shipping $$ is more than fair and my order arrived in 7 days!!!! Unbelievable!  (20/11/2014) Judy Christy - Deerfield Beach, FL USA

  ABSOLUTELY GREAT!  I have always had left handed scissors; however, I really enjoy the LH can opener and LH cork screw. Both are great and I recommended it to several of my LH friends.   (19/11/2014) Judy Christy - Deerfield Beach, FL USA

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