Left handed school senior set (age 11+)


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Left handed school senior set (age 11+)

Left handed school senior set (age 11+) Left handed school senior set (age 11+) Left handed school senior set (age 11+) Left handed school senior set (age 11+) Left handed school senior set (age 11+) Left handed school senior set (age 11+) Left handed school senior set (age 11+) Left handed school senior set (age 11+) Left handed school senior set (age 11+) Left handed school senior set (age 11+)
The perfect selection of left-handed items for school. This set contains products suitable for senior school and gives you a discount of more than 20% on the prices of buying the items individually.

To celebrate International Left Handers day on August 13th, this month we are offering you the chance to download a copy of the superb "Your Left Handed Child" e-book FREE OF CHARGE (usually 9.95). This 128 page full colour book is written by Lauren Milsom, a leading expert on handedness. It gives a fantastic insight into a left-hander's perspective. Practical yet comprehensive this guide will help you understand the challenges your left handed child will encounter & how to help them flourish in a right handed world - and you can get a copy of this e-book FREE by ordering this set & ticking the box just above the add to cart button

Set includes:
  • Maped 16cm / 6 inch child scissors with fully reversed blades and moulded handles (code 705)
  • Pack of 10 lead pencils printed in the left-handed direction with our slogan "It's a left handed thing... You wouldn't understand!" (code 38A)
  • Left handed pencil sharpener for 2 pencil sizes and container to catch shavings (code 37GG)
  • Left handed 30cm ruler - Kum SoftieFlex scaled from right to left to make drawing lines easy (code 702)
  • Stabilo EasyStart rollerball pen left-handed (code 531B)
  • Stabilo EasyStart rollerball refill ink cartridges (box of 3) with fast-drying blue ink, erasable (code735B)
    (note that gel ink refills are no longer available)
  • Compact cartridge pen with fully left-handed nib, grey patterned body with matching steel press on cap (code 776Y)
    (note that this is a different pen to the one shown in the set image)
  • Ink cartridges 38mm, set of 50 with fast-drying blue ink (code 615B)
  • Ink eraser / corrector pens, set of 2 pens suitable for erasing washable blue ink like our cartridges and Stabilo blue ink above (code 578)
  • Plus a free Oxford eraser

The products are packed in a good quality zip seal clear bag with an insert giving full product details and makes an ideal present.
We do not show the recommended age range anywhere on the set itself so you can give it to a child of any age you think appropriate.
Colours of some items may vary but will always be gender neutral.
You can see more details on the individual products included in this set by clicking on the "Related Products" links below.

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Customer Reviews

  Excellent  Both grandsons (aged11&14) were very pleased to receive these packs, the pen and pencil sharpener were particularly well received as really good to use. They liked the humour on the pencils. Over I thought the set was good value  (05/02/2013) Gill Sellars - Oxfordshire

  scissors are a prize!  I bought this kit for my son as he started Middle School. He has loved all the items, especially the ruler and scissors. "I can cut straighter now!" He came home and told me. I always bought the any size scissors from the store. Obviously, the left-handed scissors make a difference!   (20/11/2014) Angie Byrd - USA (College Station, TX

  Briliant  My grandsone can now do school work without feeling diferent, at first the ruler was a strugle however it is now second nature to use it, the rest of the set makes doing school work a piece of cake. Thank you.   (03/02/2013) R Copeland - Brighouse

  Left handed fountain pen and ink very good  My son's school required him to use a fountain pen in Year 6 and I was worried how he would cope. When I found this set all our worries were over and it has really helped with his handwriting   (03/02/2013) -

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