Pencils, printed with slogan (pack of 5)

Pencils, printed with slogan (pack of 5)

Pencils, printed with slogan (pack of 5) Pencils, printed with slogan (pack of 5)
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Left handed pencil printed with our slogan "It's a left-handed wouldn't understand", so that it can only be read when using the pencil in the left hand. Most pencils are printed for reading when held in the right hand and, when you change it to the left hand it is all upside down.

Our pencils have HB lead which makes them non-smudge (equivalent to U.S. Type #2)

5 pencils packed in a resealable bag. Standard round pencils with eraser built into the end.

Also available in a set of 10 pencils

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Customer Reviews

  5 great pencils  Good pencils with a fun slogan  (01/06/2019) - Tonbridge

    Fun items and good quality   (03/06/2019) -

  Cool !  I just love being able to read the writing on my pencil. Plus, I know its mine, it hasnt been stolen yet!   (03/06/2019) Karyn - Nuneaton

  Funny, novelty but useful  Standard size pack of 5 lead pencils, packed in a resealable small bag. Write like usual pencils with an eraser on the top but come in a sophisticated silver colour with "it's a left handed wouldn't understand written the right way up when held in the left hand. Would recommend.   (04/06/2019) Michelle Hill - Fife

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Thank you also for the swift flexibility of service. My son will be 'well-impressed' when he receives his turquoise cartridges with the matching pen to put them in.<

Michelle Giddings

I am most impressed by your efficiency and would highly recommend you.

D Townsend

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