Left handed letter formation guide (Download)


Left handed letter formation guide (Download)

One of the most common problems we hear about from Left-Handers Club members and people who contact us for advice is that their young children are having trouble with writing, cannot seem to get the hang of certain letters and are getting in trouble with their teachers.

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We have produced this book to help your left-handed child form the letters of the alphabet with the minimum of difficulty. Problems can arise because right-handers naturally pull their pen across the page and can easily make left to right strokes following the direction of writing. Left-handers are pushing their pen across the page and when making left to right strokes this can lead to the pen or pencil digging in to the paper so it does not write smoothly.

Left-handers usually avoid this problem by forming some of the letters differently, like this:

If you are not aware of the differences (like most right-handed teachers!) this can cause confusion and great frustration as your child starts to write. With our guidance and the letter practice sheets, you can stop this ever becoming a problem for your child.

This book contains guidance and tips on writing left-handed and then practice sheets showing the correct formation of each letter in upper and lower case, like this:

You and your child can start by going over the black letter, starting at the light dot and following the arrows, then move on to the greyed version and then go freestyle between the guide lines (the letters are spaced across the full A4 / Letter page in the workbook).

Once you have downloaded the book, you can print or copy the guide sheets as many times as you like for your own use. There is even a full page of guidelines with no letters on for more advanced practice.

These are the pages inside the book and it is supplied as an Adobe PDF file with full printing rights - you could be having fun using it with your child within minutes!

If you would like to download a full size sample sheet of the letters V to Z as a low resolution image so you can try it out and see how you get on, Right Click Here, then Save Picture as.. to save the image to your own computer so you can print it.

But don't miss out on the advice and tips on left-handed writing that will get your child off to a great start and keep them on track as their writing develops.

PDF Format / Adobe reader

The guide is provided as a download file in Adobe PDF format, one of the most widely used formats for downloadable documents on the web that works on most types of computer. You will need to have the Adobe Reader installed on your computer to view, save and print the document. If you do not already have Adobe Reader you can get a copy free from the Adobe website
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It is the small things you do to help your child while they
are young that will make a big difference as they get older.

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Customer Reviews

  Add it to your basket... Now!  I am currently using these guides with my 5 year old son and his letter forming has progressed 10 fold. Should be compulsory for schools to have these if they have left handed pupils.  (01/12/2010) Stuart Dalgleish - Cambridgeshire

  Great  Very helpful for us as parents to understand the differences between right and left handed letter formation so we can teach our year old daughter the proper way to print.   (03/02/2013) Karen Devereaux - Caledon East, ON Canada

  Great resources  I think the materials are great and have begun using them with my son. I homeschool my boys and my 7 year old Josiah is left-handed. He also has Down syndrome so writing is even a little bit harder for him. It is great to be able to get such great resources at minimal cost.   (06/12/2013) Denise W -

  very helpful  I searched everywhere in the U.S. for tools to help my left handed child to write better/legible. I found this and am so happy I did!   (21/05/2011) stacey - california

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It was amazing for me to watch my son who had previously resisted my every attempt at getting him to write his letters. Today he sat with his Left Handed Writing book and markers and happily went through page after page. Because I'm not left-handed it's easy for me to forget the obstacles he faces, but I can see that I will likely be using your website in the future to provide left handed gear for my son.<

Celeste - Ohio USA

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