Large plastic ruler 30cm

Large plastic ruler 30cm
+++No Longer Available+++

Brightly coloured fun "Lefty" ruler scaled from right to left in the natural direction for left-handers to draw lines as they pull the pen or pencil across the page. Scale in metric only (cm/mm).

+++No Longer Available+++

Ref: 138D

Customer Reviews

  My son loves his special ruler.  My sons junior school are very aware of leftie needs, but when he came home with a report that said "doing well but not quite grasped measuring" I asked if they had a lefttie ruler. They thought i was joking until i sent him in with one. It's made life easier for him and i gave them your website.!!  (06/01/2009) -

  Great Product  What a difference this has made, my daughter is only in Year 1 but she is able to use this ruler with ease   (02/12/2013) -

  Awesome  It makes my daughters life soooo much easier.   (04/03/2011) Charlene - South africa

  Left handed ruler  A great product - so nice to finally find a place to buy this special equipment for our left-handed children.   (01/03/2012) -

  Really useful gift  We bought this as a gift for Dad at Christmas and he is really pleased and amazed at how useful it has been for him   (04/03/2011) -

    It's hard to find left handed stationery in my country. My son really finds it useful. Thanks.   (26/11/2010) Joanne - Malta

  Makes things so much easier  You can't believe how awkward using a ruler is when you're a left hander. I tried it to show my son & I got my arms tangled up! A lh ruler makes everything fall into place. Got 1 for home, 1 for school. I'm so glad I found this website!   (13/02/2013) -

  left handed ruler   As a mother of 3 left handed sons I am so pleased to have found this site and the rulers are fantastic! The boys love the colours and the ease of use wish I had found it years ago.   (04/03/2011) -

  Great colour!  My son loved having a ruler which stood out from the rest.   (15/01/2009) Margaret -

    My Grandson was thrilled with all the left-handed items I gave him. It has certainly made a difference.   (04/03/2011) -

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Keith, I cannot tell you how happy I am with our ALH stuff! Wilson's writing has improved and he is getting "happy-faced" stickers from his teacher! We adore the writing mat. It has been most helpful for me too to know the "yellow star" letters that are different for RH and LH. You were most gracious to send me a pencil (when I mistakenly ordered the pen - SMUDGE CITY) and a ruler that was inches not cm. You have a customer for life! Thank you for your kind customer service to a tired mother.<

Margaret, US

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