Left-hander's kitchen starter set


Order any two or more of our Left Handed Products Sets and get an additional 10% discount off the price of each.

Left-hander's kitchen starter set

Left-hander's kitchen starter set Left-hander's kitchen starter set Left-hander's kitchen starter set Left-hander's kitchen starter set
The ideal starter equipment for a safe and easy left-handed life in the kitchen. Fully left-handed versions of our most popular kitchen products. Save 29% on the prices for buying the items individually.

Set includes:
  • Left handed kitchen shears with serrated blade with blade (code 833)
  • Left handed tin opener with geared rotary action (code 94KB)
  • Left handed swivel blade peeler (code 332)
  • Left handed bread knife (blade scalloped on the right for a clean straight cut held in the left hand (code 809)

The products are packed in a good quality zip seal clear bag with an insert giving full product details and makes an ideal present.

The scissors, can opener & bread knife are all blue handled.

You can see more details on the individual products included in this set by clicking on the "Related Products" links below.

Ref: T05

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