Ink eraser corrector pens (set of 2)

Ink eraser corrector pens (set of 2)
*** See our video of the eraser pen in action by clicking the video link to the right ***

These special pens allow you to completely erase washable blue ink, including most blue ink cartridge types and the Stabilo sMove rollerball pens, and then write over it to correct your mistakes. The double ended pens have a white end with special fluid that instantly evaporates blue ink and a fine blue end with special ink that allows you to write over the erased area to make it look like new - scroll down to see how it works.

This eraser pen will fully erase the following BLUE inks:
  • Pelikan washable blue ink cartridges
  • Stabilo 's move easy rollerball blue ink cartridges
  • Stabilo fineliner fibre tip blue ink

NOTE: The eraser does not remove black ink, which is usually permanent or any ink which is described as "permanent". We cannot guarantee the results of using this eraser pen so please test it on a small area of your own ink on something that is not important!

Ink eraser pen

How the ink eraser works

If you have made a mistake with blue washable ink, wait a few seconds for the ink to dry then just write over the mistake with the white eraser pen and the special fluid will remove the blue ink.

Ink corrector pen

How the ink corrector works

Once you have erased the original blue ink just use the blue end of the corrector pen with its fine fibre tip to write over the corrected area and correct your mistake.

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Customer Reviews

  amazing  I first ran into these when a friend of mine showed them to me. They are only available in Europe and being in the military I was fortunately able to stock up on them while spending time over there. I highly recommend these to everyone.  (27/03/2010) -

    I am very happy with the purchase with you and I would gladly come back here again to buy more later. Best regards from Norway   (08/04/2011) Customer from Norway - Norway

  Works Great  This Ink eraser correction pen works great! I wish I would have discovered it sooner.   (09/12/2013) Dani K - Ankeny, Iowa

  Great!  Important when your child is changing from writing with pencil to pen. Helps their confidence knowing that they can correct errors without making a hole in the page! And you really don't see the correction.   (05/03/2011) louise long - spain

  Indispensable!  My kids use these corrector pens at school and they are indispensable for correcting work neatly.   (09/08/2010) Cathy - Reading


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Thank you also for the swift flexibility of service. My son will be 'well-impressed' when he receives his turquoise cartridges with the matching pen to put them in.<

Michelle Giddings

I am most impressed by your efficiency and would highly recommend you.

D Townsend

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