If you always cut bread slices that start off wafer thin and end up as doorstop wedges, it is probably because of the bread knife you use. A right-handed knife has the serrations on the left side of the blade, so that they counteract the natural twisting motion of the hand to give a straight cut. A left-hander has problems with these knives as the effect of the hand twisting and the serrations combine to give a curved cut. All of our left-handed knives have the serrations on the right side of the blade to avoid this problem.

Cutting with a left-handed knife

The correct way
The serrations are on the right side of the blade to counterbalance the natural twisting motion of the left hand, thus giving a straight cut.

Cutting with a right-handed knife
The wrong way
The serrations on a normal bread knife exaggerate the natural twisting motion of the left hand leading to a curved slice and an overhanging loaf.

This is what our customer have had to say about our left-handed knives:

"I felt I just had to write to compliment you on your speedy service. I have tried the knives already and now have perfectly straight carrot batons, perfect halves in teacakes, thin straight cucumber slices and no sliced fingers! At this rate I might even get to enjoy cooking! Many thanks.'
Allison Townsend - UK

"Just to say how pleased I am with my new bread knife...my son and I can both cut lovely slices now. It is 1st time I've used Internet shopping which was very good. The parcel arrived very quickly"
Melanie - UK

At the risk of making things more complicated... Knives can cause some confusion! Most "normal" knives for right-handers are serrated on the LEFT of the blade - the idea being that the effect of the serrations counter-acts the natural inward (clockwise as you see it) twisting action of the hand, leading to a straight cut. If a left-hander uses one of these knives, the serrations actually REINFORCE the natural anti-clockwise twisting motion which leads to the classic "overhanging" loaf or whatever is being cut. All our knives are serrated on the RIGHT side of the blade to give the correct balance action for left-handers and generally people are very pleased that they can suddenly cut straight!

All our knives are custom-made for us with serrations on the other (right) side. That said, some manufacturers DO make their standard knives with the serrations on the right and when we have asked them why, they are at a loss to explain!

It comes down to personal preference and maybe a bit of practice at cutting "naturally" if you are used to twisting a right-handed knife. On the other hand, if you already have knives with serrations on the right of the blade you may not gain anything apart from the quality of our knives.