A Left Handed History of the World

A Left Handed History of the World
A fascinating new book explores the question of why such a high number of left-handed people feature in influential moments throughout history. In "A Left-Handed History of the World" author Ed Wright explains the secret of lefty success through fascinating case studies of notable left-handers from ancient to modern times. Highlighting "leftie traits" that would have contributed to their success, this beautifully illustrated book profiles a host of famous left-handers from Julius Caesar and Isaac Newton to Paul McCartney and Bill Gates and forms an impressive list of successful and influential sinistrals, that makes fascinating reading for left and right handers alike.
Paperback 256 pages full colour 186mm x 265mm, 7.25 in x 10.5 in.

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  I Loved It  Not only a great review of History but some interesting info on Lefties that I never knew. Every Left-hander should read it. Well written.  (02/01/2009) Mariane O`Reilly -

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