Geometry set left-handed

Geometry set left-handed

Geometry set left-handed Geometry set left-handed Geometry set left-handed Geometry set left-handed Geometry set left-handed
Left handed geometry set with clear plastic items:

* Left handed 30cm ruler with no-smear edges
* Left handed protractor 180 degrees anti-clockwise
* Left handed set square incorporating 13cm rulers going in both directions from the 90 degree corner

Supplied in clear blister with card back and all items printed with left hand logos.

Ref: 707

Customer Reviews

  Great   Never knew these existed , it's helpped my son out so much.   (04/06/2014) Rafiya - Walsall

    Very useful   (07/12/2013) Helle - Denmark

  Good Stuff!  Having read about the l-handed ruler, decided to buy the set for niece. Her parents were very impressed & she loves all her new l-handed stationery items. Wish there had been all this around when I was growing up. All I had was a l-handed potato peeler!!   (26/04/2012) Christine Anderson - London SE18

    This hasn't been used yet so can't comment.   (19/11/2014) -

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Keith, I cannot tell you how happy I am with our ALH stuff! Wilson's writing has improved and he is getting "happy-faced" stickers from his teacher! We adore the writing mat. It has been most helpful for me too to know the "yellow star" letters that are different for RH and LH. You were most gracious to send me a pencil (when I mistakenly ordered the pen - SMUDGE CITY) and a ruler that was inches not cm. You have a customer for life! Thank you for your kind customer service to a tired mother.<

Margaret, US

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