Stabilo Left Handed Writing Range

Stabilo Left Handed Writing Range

Stabilo produced the first left-handed ergonomic pen for children, and have continued to develop their s'Move Easy range of pens and pencils that are specifically designed to guide your child's hand into the perfect left-handed grip. From first writing pencils to fibre tip and ink pens, their funky modern designs have become pencil case essentials.
With its exchangeable rollerball tip cartridges, the Stabilo S'move Easy glides perfectly over the paper and it can be erased with a fountain pen eraser just like normal fountain pen ink. The cap twists on and off to lock securely and can be snapped on to the end of the pen when you are writing so it will not get lost. The S'move Easy Pencil is designed for younger children just starting to write, to guide their hand into the perfect grip.

Stabilo EASY Start rollerball pen, Left-Handed

Body colour

Stabilo EASY Original rollerball cartridges (set of 3)

Ink colour

Stabilo EASYergo pencil, LEFT-handed

Body colour

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