Griffix writing system from Pelikan

Griffix writing system from Pelikan

Pelikan have been making top quality writing instruments for all ages, and particularly children, for many years and have now put all their expertise into developing the first complete range of writing instruments to take children from beginner to expert level in handwriting.
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Learning how to write in 4 steps

The innovative child-oriented grip is what makes the Griffix writing instruments so unique. It was developed according to the latest knowledge in graphomotoric skills together with expert educationalists and the Fraunhofer Institute for Work Economy and Organisation.

Pelikan Griffix provides the proper writing instrument for every step of learning:
1. Wax pen for pre-school: learning to hold the pen and control pressure
2. Lead pencil for beginning school: learning how to write precisely
3. Ink pen (fibre tip): Preparation for ther fountain pen, learning fluid writing movements
4. Fountain pen: final step of the learning process, refinement of fluid writing movements

The same ideal grip zone is available on all four products, with all apart from the wax pencil having specially design left and right-handed versions.

Griffix propelling lead pencil with left-handed grip


Griffix Ink Writer fibre tip pen with left-handed grip


Griffix fountain pen with left-handed grip


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