Scissors for left handed child, with opening spring

Scissors for left handed child, with opening spring

Scissors for left handed child, with opening spring
Child scissors with rounder ends for safety and with a plastic spring that folds out as required to open the scissors automatically - great teaching aid for young children new to scissors as they can just focus on the cutting rather than the opening as well.

Once they get used to the cutting action, the spring piece can be folded away and the child has to open the scissors as well.

*** NOTE - these scissors DO have sharp blades so they cut properly so supervision of young children is essential ***

All of our left-handed scissors have the blades reversed with the left blade on top so you can see your cutting line without twisting the scissors. That gives you a clean and straight cut using the scissors in your left hand.
There is no such thing as an "ambidextrous scissor" or "right handed scissors also suitable for left handed use" - if they do not have the blades reversed they are NOT proper left-handed scissors!

Maybe you don't really need left-handed scissors because...

You can just turn right-handed ones upside down and that makes them left-handed

Er - NO! Right-handed scissors have the top blade on the right and it will always stay that way whichever way you turn them round and you still will not be able to see your cutting line or make them cut properly.

You can buy "ambidextrous" scissors that work for right-and left-handed people

NO again - it is the same problem - left-handed scissors need to be manufactured with the blades reversed so the top blade in on the LEFT. We have seen some scissors that have RIGHT-handed blade positions but have just the handles moulded for a lefthander and they are completely useless!

It is better to just get used to right-handed scissors as they are all that is normally available.

Well, us left-handers ARE adaptable and it is possible with a lot of manipulation to sort-of make right handed scissors work in your left hand. But it will be uncomfortable and they won't cut properly, so why do that when you have the chance to use proper LEFT-HANDED scissors? This one is particularly bad for CHILDREN when they first start cutting things out at school because they will not be able to do it and will be seen as awkward and hopeless by the teacher and the rest of the class. Why not just make it EASY?

So - maybe you DO need proper LEFT-HANDED scissors if you want to cut things accurately and easily!

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Customer Reviews

  Great product  I shipped this product to US for my almost 4 year old son. He is left handed and had issues learning to cut. He is much better now. The only thing that it could open better feels like needs a little oil or DW. Ordered 3. Using all of them one at school one at home one extra. Great product.   (19/11/2014) Zuikis - US

  Great beginner scissors  I've used other scissors with the ability to use them as self-opening or not, and they all have problems with the adjustable tab. These work much better. I'm an occupational therapist working in schools, and these are really handy for the pre-schoolers.   (01/03/2012) Cathy Price - New Jersey, USA

  Best scissors I've ever had!  I got a pair just like these (without the spring) when I was 5 or 6. I wouldn't go anywhere without them. Its fun to watch right handed people try to use them. I lost them when I was 29, and I miss them so much. finding a good pair of lefty scissor isn't easy, so when you do, don't lose them.   (19/10/2012) Amanda Eerdmans - Grand Rapids, MI USA

  Good for Beginners  Bought these for my left handed 3-year-old. With the spring, she can more easily open and close them than regular scissors. They cut paper just fine. They also come with a plastic slip cover which is nice.   (27/11/2013) -

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I bought these for my daughter (the only left-hander in the family). She's used them for absolutely everything & finds them comfortable, versatile and exactly what they say they are - real general purpose scissors. She now uses scissors confidently for the first time in her life. Highly recommended.<

Mrs. Catriona Chase

The embroidery scissors have arrived safely and I am very happy with them. I never believed what a difference proper left handed scissors would make to my craft work.

Tahlie, UK

Thank you for the goods which arrived today. As always, the service and quality are excellent.

Ann, UK

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