Avanti left handed corkscrew

Avanti left handed corkscrew

Avanti corkscrew on card Avanto corkscrew in up position
The Avanti left handed corkscrew has a black plastic body that sits on top of the bottle to give a stable position to rotate the lever anti-clockwise using your left hand. When it reaches the closed position, just keep turning the same way to pull the cork out of the bottle. The Avanti left handed corkscrew makes a great gift and is also fun to leave around for right-handers to get confused by!

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Customer Reviews

  Lefty Corkscrew  Awesome ! Only downside was that I had to "unlearn" the right handed brain washing of how to use a corkscrew, but now its so easy !  (27/11/2013) David -

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I never believed it would make such a difference and how much fun I can have by getting my right-handed friends to try to use this corkscrew<

Bob S, London

Thanks for adding this to my order for me at the last minute - It arrived in time for the party and was a huge success :)

Jane, New York

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