Anything Left Handed delivery charge information

If you think our delivery charges are too high...

Customers sometimes ask if our delivery charge is too high, particularly when only ordering a single low priced item, but there is a good reason for it...

The actual postage cost to send a single peeler may be between 1.50 and 3.00 depending where it is going but we also have to pay for the fulfilment of the order (warehousing, pick, pack, despatch), which costs us a minimum 2.50 plus the cost of a padded bag, document printing, document envelope to stick on the outside.

For larger orders, the packing cost and postage goes up but we keep the charge to our customers at the same fixed rate for all orders up to 40.00 then a little more above that as the weight of the items means the postage cost goes up rapidly. That fixed charge doesnt seem as big for people ordering 30 or more of products, which is around the average for our orders.

If we are going to stay in business and continue to search out and supply left-handed products and also provide all the free information, newsletters and personal advice for our site visitors, we have to make sure we are at least covering our costs.

We do have a lot of fixed cost in processing an order and it is just not viable if we charge less, even though it can seem like is a lot if you are only ordering a single low value item like a peeler. Best to add a few more items you really want to your order at no extra delivery charge to make it worthwhile :)

We hope that makes sense.

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