Jetstream SX210-RTnon smudge rollerball click action

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Jetstream SX210-RTnon smudge rollerball click action
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This second generation Jetstream pen has all the qualities of the highly popular Jetstream - 1.0mm smooth writing tip and non-smudge ink - but in a convenient retractable format for those who prefer a cap-free alternative. Just click the button on top to push out the writing tip. The unique rollerball design protects the fast drying ink so it will not dry up in the pen - only on the paper when you write!

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Customer Reviews

  Great  Smooth and easy to use. Flows nicely and no smudging  (18/08/2008) theresa williams -

  Fabulous Pen!!  i only use these gel pens. The gel pen of other brand always smudges. However this doesn't!! The cap edition of the Jetstream gel pen still smudges a bit if you accidentally slid your hand across the paper. It would be even better if there is a blue-coloured one.   (09/09/2010) Timothy Chan - Hong Kong

  a lovely pen for a leftie!  i use these pens for work, and they are smooth, easy to use but the only problem is that they are so good that other people use them, like them and then keep them!   (09/01/2009) debbie -

  Geat Pen!!!  I purchased this pen more than a year ago and I love it. It dries instantly and I never have to worry about smears on paper. It also writes great. It feels good in your hand and writes smoothly. Same as the pen with cap but has a click top instead of a cap.   (16/02/2009) -

  Very good  Easy to use, very good   (18/01/2009) Gurn -

  Excellant product  Should be a five, only giving it a three due to the really random ink colours, would give it a ten if I could get it with a click action and black.   (30/08/2012) Neil Soudan - Argyll

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