2 hole pencil sharpener with oval case

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2 hole pencil sharpener with oval case
This is our newest 2 hole pencil sharpener in our range these bright colours look wonderful! Fully left-handed so you can hold the pencil in your left handed and twist it in the natural anti-clockwise direction. The small case will easily fit in your childs bag and keep the shavings tidy.

Now available in Light Blue, Red, Orange & Lime Green

Ref: 37H

Customer Reviews

  Excellent, effort-saving.  Many L-H products bring great benefits. It's hard work and often tiring being L-H in a R-H world.  (04/03/2011) Jeff Sutton - County Durham

    Such a useful thing! thanks.   (12/04/2011) Ozge - Turkiye

  great product  we've purchased a number of these over the years, it just makes life that bit easier for my son - it fits in his pencil case and it's uniqueness means everyone knows it is his   (04/03/2011) -

    A god-send for my little leftie - he can now sharpen his own pencils without holding the pencil and turning the sharpener!!!   (04/03/2011) R Caldicott - Norfolk

    My son used to find impossible to sharpen his pencils with the normal sharpners. When he got the lefty one I saw him sharpen correctly for the first time.   (26/11/2010) Joanne - Malta

  Excellent  My daughter could never sharpen pencils until now.   (04/03/2011) Lyndsay - Leeds

  Just the right size  My son (7 years old) LOVES this. It's just the right size, as it is beg enough to hold a sensible amount of sharpenings, but small enough to fit into his pencil case. Well worth the investment.   (24/10/2011) Evelyn - Kent, UK

  Brilliant idea  I bought this item for my daughter's friend. Her eyeliners have never been so sharp!   (21/05/2011) -

  Fab!  Trying to use this (being right-handed myself) has made me realise how tricky a right-handed sharpener was for our left handed daughter! She finds it easy!   (06/03/2011) -

  Good  My granddaughter is very happy to have her own special sharpener that works for her. Has always struggled before. Thank you   (06/12/2013) -

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I have just purchased a 2 hole pencil sharpener with case and used it to sharpen my pencils including my Quilting pencils. I just cannot believe the difference it makes. I can now obtain a beautiful sharp point without breakage. Thank you so much.<

Maureen Freeman

I am most impressed by your efficiency and would highly recommend you.

D Townsend

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